…Are you still wasting your valuable time? How?



9. Hunting for that one piece of paper that we need that we know was on our desk… just a second ago!

10. Looking for the other shoe, sock, earring, etc.

11. Scrambling for that last box of cornbread that we know was in the pantry.

12. Trying to find some space in our garage for our car.

13. Finding a place for one more plastic bin of stuff to put in the basement to go with the other 35 plastic bins that haven’t been opened since you moved in the house…. 8 years ago!

14. Looking for the needle in the haystack.

FOURTEEN:  7 x 2 = double measure of spiritual perfection.

Creating Order is not simply organizing stuff.[

So what does ALL of this mean?

    Most of the things that impact our ability to organize are non-organizable (I don’t think that is a word :-)) stuff…

The Major one being TiME, which is well within our control.

Knowing is half the battle!

Can I be Busy and still in Order?

Absolutely, Positively YES!

It all depends on how we handle BUSY

I realize that my readers are from all over the world, but where I live, Busy is our way of life.  We have a special name for Busy, we call it Multi-tasking.  It is just what we do.  It is life in constant motion…. but unfortunately, if we find that in the midst of our Busy, somewhat hectic life, we are stressed, never really accomplishing what we really need to get done and we can never find time to simply RELAXwe are Out of Order!

When we can find moments of Peace throughout the day, we can prioritize our tasks so that we get the important stuff done and we feel good because  we have accomplished something!  We are able to check off items from our To Do list.  We should take a few moments at the end of our day to prepare for the major tasks that must be completed the next day.  That’s Order!  Although in our area, we still have to fight traffic to get home, but we must find a way to leave our frustration in the car.  Take a moment to breathe and prepare to spend time with the family.

For many, the day doesn’t end when we get home… there is more work to be done.  HOWEVER, everyone has to part a play.  There has to be a plan and there must be organization and Order in the home.  There should be a place for everything and everything must have its place!  Now is not the time to start hunting in the pantry for what we are going to have for dinner or to find out that there is no milk left for cereal… 😦


There is so much more that I would like to share with you about creating some semblance of Order in your Life … But for now I get to plug my next FREE Order Your Steps workshop entitled,      ************

INVESTING Your Time Wisely!”   Please join us on Saturday, April 20th at 2:30 pm, if you have some time (pun intended :-))


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P.S. The post seemed a little choppy to me, what do you think?

“Order Out of Chaos” FREE Workshop, Now Open to the Public**

I thought that I would give you an update on my FREE “Order Out of Chaos” Workshops.  Initially I focused on the senior citizen living facilities.  The participants were open to sharing their own struggles with getting organized, especially after downsizing from their much larger homes.  My presentation, “Organizing made Simple” was only 30 minutes and then we had a Q&A session.  I thoroughly enjoyed them.  I’d always wanted to teach, so now I get to teach, organize and teach about organizing!!!

In February, the “Order Out of Chaos” FREE workshop was OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.  Along with the owner of the local franchise of ShelfGenie, we decided to conduct the workshops as part of a LifeStyle Transitions Series.  Arline and I, as small business owners in our community, wanted to do something for the community that would have a positive impact.  Organizing will be a common thread throughout the workshops, as it pertains to healthy living, nutrition, exercise and just getting your life in order.  Our first workshop in the series was held at Wegmans in Woodmore/Lanham, MD.  Unfortunately, Wegmans has a very strict policy prohibiting advertising on the premises, so we advertised on Facebook and via the ShelfGenie newsletter, flyers, etc.  We had a small turnout, but I believe that I prefer small.  It’s better when I can interact with the audience and that are able to interact with each other.  I believe that moving forward will we limit the attendance to each session to thirty 30 people.  Soooooo… due to the overwhelming response (the show being SOLD OUT), I will have to add a session or two or three…..


Our next workshop is entitled “Spending Your Time Wisely”,   We will focus on time management tips.  It will be held on the last Saturday in March at one of the local libraries … where we can hand out flyers! 🙂

Stay Tuned for more info throughout the month.

Please PASS THE WORD to all your family and friends

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Organizing Tip for Today!

Happy Monday!  So sorry for the lateness of my post…  I anticipate my work schedule becoming a little busier.  I have added “Designer” for ShelfGenie Glide-out shelving to my portfolio, so I am scheduling appointments for that as well.  Busy is a very good thing for someone with a new business…

Now, for the important stuff!  One of the simply ways to begin organizing is to start a “To Do” list. It only takes a few items and can be done in a few minutes. Now the key is once we write the items down and we have to plan to do the things on the list.  When I was still at Xerox, almost everyone, at every level of management, had a spiral notebook and as you accomplished your task, you would check it off the list … but never tear the page out of the book… Think about it!!  We would always have a running list of what was done, when it was done and what else needed to be done.  Even today, in the world of technology, your spiral notebook may be your task list in microsoft office, OneNote, etc., but it serves the same purpose… to help us to outline the things that we have to get done and hopefully, will help us to develop a plan “to do”them.


For more organizing tips,  please check out… Order Your Steps

The Challenge

Just to show you how the Lord works, during this transition period of about 5-6 years, I held two (2) “newly created” positions.  These positions seemed to be tailor-made for me.  Here Comes the Order!  The basic responsibilities of the jobs were identified, but I had a real opportunity to establish my own process and rather you realize it or not, in most cases, you do too.  You know what tasks have to be accomplished; how and when you need to get them done.

The object of the game is to minimize the distractions and you need to know where to locate all the items needed to complete the tasks.  Unfortunately, for some, you spend a lot of time looking for a document or an email that you may need to refer to, to accomplish the tasks.  To add insult to injury, today you are required to multi-multi (not a typo) task, which can equate to Chaos!

In this picture, the desk is RIDICULOUSLY organized, but the point is, you want to have everything you need close at hand.

Pay close attention, to the “TO DO LIST” (Post-Its are fine).  You really want to stage your work area.  The spiral book is my Daytimer.  For the home offices, right under the ledge is my bills.

Now I know what you are thinking….. Is she for real?  Does she realize just how much work I have to get done every day?  Remember, I have lived it for 32 years.  You can’t continue to eat the elephant and drink from the fire hose!!   At some point, you need to chop the elephant into large chunks.

Here’s a CHALLENGE for you! 

Conduct your own time study.  Try it for an hour or two.  Identify your time-robbers; distractions, interruptions, time spent “looking for something you need”, etc. etc. etc.

For the Techies out there, same rules apply, even though you may be using Microsoft Outlook and iPad, instead of sticky notes or any combination.

Lastly, for the very organized folks that never miss a beat….. If you are still spending your lunch hour at your desk, there is still an opportunity!