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…Are you still wasting your valuable time? How?



9. Hunting for that one piece of paper that we need that we know was on our desk… just a second ago!

10. Looking for the other shoe, sock, earring, etc.

11. Scrambling for that last box of cornbread that we know was in the pantry.

12. Trying to find some space in our garage for our car.

13. Finding a place for one more plastic bin of stuff to put in the basement to go with the other 35 plastic bins that haven’t been opened since you moved in the house…. 8 years ago!

14. Looking for the needle in the haystack.

FOURTEEN:  7 x 2 = double measure of spiritual perfection.

Creating Order is not simply organizing stuff.[

So what does ALL of this mean?

    Most of the things that impact our ability to organize are non-organizable (I don’t think that is a word :-)) stuff…

The Major one being TiME, which is well within our control.

Knowing is half the battle!

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