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The Day You’ve Been Waiting For…

Well, It’s official, my daughter has launched her book “Last Look Back” for pre-order. Here’s a little snippet!! …

Maya Speight

OK, you probably haven’t actually been waiting for this day, but humor me. It’s the beginning of Promo Storm 2014. If you happen to not know what Promo Storm is (shame on you), it is my version of promoting Last Look Back before its release date on November 14, 2014. Today, I’ll be sharing the back cover summary, the summary on the back cover of the book that makes you want to pick up. This way you can finally know what this book is about and you’ll be extra excited to purchase it come November 14, 2014.

Read on:

back summary

In the off-chance you can’t read it on the picture, here’s the summary again:

On the eve of her college graduation, Octavia “Vie” Steele is thrust back into a world that she thought she left behind. To many, she appears to be a normal college senior with a   future of possibilities ahead…

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