I am soooo grateful!

It is such a great honor when someone takes the time to recognize your work.  My friend, Rhonda over at  Help Me Rhonda” has nominated my little old blog for the Very Inspiring Blog Award.  She has a very creative way of stating the facts of life with a wee bit of humor.   I am very grateful to Rhonda again for the recognition.

It is getting tougher and tougher to come up with random things without telling all my business, as if I haven’t already.  I may not have “7”, but I will try…

1.  I can’t swim.  I went to this waterpark and because I didn’t want to be left out, I followed my husband on a ride for “strong swimmers”.  My husband went first and when he got to the bottom, he knew that there was no way that I would survive the terror, so we held up the whole line until I could get down.  😦

2.  I hate rollercoasters.  Really most rides, period.

3.  I can’t rollerskate.  I guess you are wondering what can she do??

3.  My mother in law lived with us for 14 years. You may let you mind wonder on that one…

4.  My favorite vacation spot is Bermuda.  I love the clear bluish purple water and the pink sand.

5.  I am studying for my Missionary’s license.  Order Your Steps is not just my business, but my ministry.

 I can’t think of anything else, Sorry!


First, I want to apologize to Steve over at “Just Be Foundation“.  I probably shouldn’t have nominated his blog for the  A Lovely Blog Award, although I really enjoy his blog.  I obviously didn’t think that all the way through, so I would like to nominate him for “Very Inspiring Blog” Award instead.  Sorry Steve!!

Now I will nominate “7” bloggers for the award.

http://photecstasy.wordpress.com/  – outstanding photography

http://prettytallstyle.com/ – encourages young women to feel good in their own skin

http://sarahhamze.com/ – you can sense her spirit when you see her page design

http://moniquelivers.wordpress.com/ – she loves her mom!

http://tryingtobalancethemadness.wordpress.com/ – the title tells it all

http://angelashella.wordpress.com/ – beautiful music and advice on life

http://thekindnesskronicles.wordpress.com/ – just think of it, a blog that focuses on being kind

Please Check Them Out!  Thanks again Rhonda….