When I started Order Your Steps back in 2011, amongst other things, life coaching was one of my goals. I’d wanted to continue to learn and grow, even at my age, so coaching was a skill that I wanted to become better at. Over the years, loving my work as a professional organizer and after becoming an evangelist, the goal of life coaching simply fell off the list.

However, back in July, the idea of life coaching resurfaced and I began this journey to becoming certified. Here we are 5 months later and I DID IT!… As you may have remembered, initially, I must admit that I was a little (a LOT) apprehensive, but the excitement and the anticipation of what the Lord has for me next had won out over the fear of learning something new and wondering what’s ahead.

Ultimately, we must know that our STEPS are Ordered. I cannot begin to tell you the miraculous things that have happened on this journey. On the day that I received this text message above, I was asked to speak to a young couple that didn’t need a therapist, but just someone to listen with an impartial ear. Although, their situation was rather challenging, I spoke to them individually and allowed the Holy Spirit to do the rest. The path that the Lord has laid for me is becoming clearer and clearer….

Please keep me in your prayers as I continue to walk in my calling and Live on Purpose! ✝️