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Purely Random

For some reason, I woke up thinking back to when I was a child.  It appears that in those days, I made my own chaos and it was rather constant.  Between the ages of about 4-6, I had these “eating episodes”.  Once I ate a whole jar of dill pickles, I guess that I couldn’t eat just one or two or ten, I had to eat them all.  Then one day, my mother baked a cake and had set it out to cool.  She got a phone call and you can guess the rest….  My mom got off the phone and asked who had eaten the middle out of her cake (I guess I thought that if I left the outside of the cake, that she wouldn’t notice).  I said “I don’t know” (mind you that I was the only child in the house at the time).

Attack of the “brain-damage” kid syndrome! 

In another “episode”, I ate a whole can of peaches.  A real BIG can of peaches.   I just threw caution to the wind!!!

EVEN MORE RANDOM….  Now when I was 6, my mom sent my dad to pick me up from my first day of school.  He returned with the report that he did not have any trouble finding me because “she and the teacher were the tallest ones in there”!!!  But that’s a whole ‘nother story.

Check Out My Daughters’ Blog for more on the TALL phenomenon!



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