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“Name Phase 1” Contest!

Win a $50 eGift Card from The Container Store!

Announcing the Name the Phase 1 of Organizing” Contest! 

We are looking for your ideas for the names of the phases of organizing.  We really want to drive more interaction among us ALL, so that we can support each other in our organizing endeavors and discover how much fun organizing can be….

Contest Rules:

Contest officially begins on Today, Monday, April 2.  We ask that you submit your names to the “Order Your Steps” Facebook page or through the Comments section of this Blog.  Names will NOT be accepted on my personal Facebook page, email or via any other medium. 

Please NO Profanity or Inappropriate Language

We will continue to take your name ideas until Monday, April 9 at midnight.   On the morning of April 10, we will publish the names that have been accepted and then we will vote on our favorite via Facebook or the Blog.  So Alert all your friends & family!

On Monday, April 16th, The Winner will be Announced!!!!!! 

The winner will need to give us your email address or facebook info to receive the eGift card.  Your information will ONLY be used for that purpose.

So what is a Good Name?

Please put on your creative thinking caps.

Good Luck!

Now what is Phase 1 of Organizing?

Phase 1 is when you decide in your mind and heart that you need to organize.  In most cases, organizing can be a big decision.  You have grown accustomed to the clutter and it just continues to be overwhelming and taking that first step can be very stressful.  So once you have made the decision and you are truly ready to start and stick with it, you are in Phase 1.  Then, I would suggest that you start with a small area. 

For example:  Under your sink  (kitchen or bathroom)  


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