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What is trouble?  By definition, trouble is a state of distress (to cause strain, anxiety, or suffering to), affliction, difficulty, or need; a distressing or difficult circumstance or situation.  So, what was your last bout with trouble?  The first thing that comes to my mind is, financial trouble… not having quite enough to make ends meet.  What trouble comes to your mind?  Consider for a moment with me that we are chosen to endure our season of trouble …Bishop T.D Jakes used the Virgin Mary as an example.  She was favored among women and chosen to give birth to the Holy Child named Jesus.   BUT, then she had to explain to everyone that she was a pregnant virgin.  She had to endure the looks, the whispers, the tears, the hurt and then later, give birth to her son, the Savior of the world, in a barn. Chosen, but not without her season of Trouble!

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Now fast forward one week, a New Year begins… Now think about what it will really mean for God to give us DOUBLE for our trouble in 2014!!!!


T -Tested, but Trust God

R – Road gets rough, but Rest in Him

O – Obstacles to overcome, but Obey His Word, because…

UYou are Chosen!

B – Blessed and Highly Favored!

L – Let GO and Let GOD!

E – Enjoy Life!

Be Given…







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