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11,000 Views and counting…..

WOW!!!  11,000 views and counting.… With over 500 fellow blogger followers!!!   It is truly overwhelming to know that so many have visited and others have even decided to follow “Finding Order in Chaos”.  A HUGE THANK YOU TO YOU ALL!  But I must apologize for not posting more frequently.  Order Your Steps is really growing and for that I am so very grateful, but I understand that I have an obligation to those that take the time to stop by from time to time.  As a planner, I will make sure that posting find a spot on my To Do list and to my more recent followers, I promise to find ample time to visit your sites as well.

I plan to have a post out by next Wednesday and I am asking for your topic(s) of interest.

Please check one of the following…

Now allow me to leave you with a little inspiration!

Google Search

Google Search

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