“A Client’s Perspective”

In 2017, I’d like to begin a series called “My Journal, My Journey”.  My desire is to share the “Ordering Your Steps” process, from my client’s perspective.  My hope is for people to see the real value of restoring Order to our hearts, minds & homes.  So let’s begin….

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Carla.  I met Carla back in September and during our very first visit, Carla was pure, spiritual energy!  Although I was there to help her, she has inspired & encouraged me in so many ways.  Her testimony serves as another confirmation of the true purpose that the Lord Himself has ordained for me.

Here is “A Client’s Perspective”:

The initial thought of having an organizer come to my 2 bedroom apartment seemed like an absurd idea for someone (like most of us working parents may think), who “should” be able to handle/declutter on our own. However, it’s became obvious with each laundry session of mountainous loads of clothes to the constant appearance of the “Altar to the Paper Gods”, it was time for me to release my pride and give myself permission to receive help. Through this process with Candy, I found her method is simply to help create clarity with your participation in your environment and to show more possibilities of what your space can do for efficiency and organization purposes. In trusting my desire for a deep cleanse and purge of old and some new things with Candy, I find I’m no longer the proverbial “Bag Lady” and know what it feels like to pack light. My clutter stayed for as long as my judgment of it being there in the first place continued (I had to let that sink in my soul for a sec, soon as I let go, so did the clutter). Thank you Candy for reminding me to release in my timing and to see how all are interconnected in our life, home, etc. I am ever so grateful to Thema of THEWOMBSAUNA for connecting us and highly recommending you.   I will never forget this blessing of an experience!
Much Love & Appreciation, 



Since I started Order Your Steps, it has been a journey and one that has only just begun. This journey, thus far, has truly been exciting, challenging, yet very enlightening experience.  I believe that our ministries/businesses are really a reflection of who we are and who we are to become.   A journey to show us, how are lives are meant to touch others and how their lives are meant to touch ours…. Our Steps are being Ordered!

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The Ramblings of a Professional Organizer ….

Garfield“I’m too busy to get organized!”  REALLY?!?!? ……That’s makes absolutely NO sense!  OK, I need to calm down… BUT, people just don’t understand that if we would take the time to get organized and put some semblance of Order into our lives, then we would have more time to enjoy what’s really important in life!

Let me explain… It is my true belief that disorder & clutter has a psychological effect on our productivity, stress level and overall state of mind.  As we enter another new year, things are hectic (as usual) and sort of out of control (again!).  Therefore, some of my clients are simply TOO BUSY for our organizing sessions and have postponed, in some cases, until the Spring …. which is kinda ok, IF we resume in Spring.  It is so frustrating for me, because I have seen their spaces and I know that if we could just get to Ordered Chaos, their lives would be so much better.

We must ask the questions, Are we just TOO busy to take a moment to breathe, Too busy to spend quality time with the ones we love or Is everyone on the run all the time?? Ultimately, life is too short and time is too precious to let it pass us by.  All I am asking is that we come out of the forest and see the trees …

For us to say that we are TOO busy to organize, is an oxymoron.  “What will it truly take to get our house in Order?”  Don’t try to eat the elephant, we can only take one small bite at a time…. the papers on the dining room table, our home office with files stacked high, the kids’ closet, the daily morning routine, family mealtime after work, or even finding quiet time (what’s that?!?!?)

Well, my moment of frustration has passed.  It means so much to me to help you to get there(?), whereever your Order is. It’s so logical to me.  I see it so clearly in my mind’s eye.  But I know that it is not an easy task.  It is extremely difficult to convey the concept of Divine Order to those that are in chaos.  But I will NOT give up!  I will continue to chip away at the clutter and disorder, one life at a time.  It is just that important to me. It is my mission, it is my calling.  So, March, April, and even May will get here soon enough….and hopefully, by then, at the very least, we will be able to see the trees!

2015 is quickly approaching…

Most people believe that as a professional organizer, that I am always organized… I must say that I believe that I am more organized than most, however, I too must take time to re-organize.  Granted I try not to let it get too out of hand, but for me, it is very therapeutic to get organized so that I can be more productive and more efficient.  In spite of my very hectic schedule, it is important to invest time, in order not to waste time in the future.

I spent two (2) days last week putting things in Order!  I started with my closets and dresser drawers…

IMG_0593 IMG_0597IMG_0594

Then I worked on my office…

IMG_0600 IMG_0596

This is a project that I am working on for a client, who wants to get all her files in order for 2015.  She has a number of big projects for next year, so she wants to be prepared to work with a spirit of excellence and divine order, as God has ordained!


Do you have a plan for 2015?  You do know that God has one for you, so I would suggest that you get prepared.  Take some time to put your things in Order and be ready to prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers….

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Where is your Place of Peace & Serenity?

Do you wake up tired?

Do you wake up tired?


Do you have a place in your home where you feel peaceful & calm?  If not, you should have…. I often write about Peace in my blog posts, because I truly believe, that our lives should have Peace and Order!  Our lives should not be filled with Chaos ALL the time.

Most of my clients are women and we all need a place in our homes to simply rest, unwind and regenerate.  It has been my experience, that it’s our bedroom.  When my projects are to organize the whole house, I ALWAYS start with the bedroom. Now this post is by no means, to exclude men.  But again, in my experience, men find refuge in those places where they are not to be disturbed, i.e. their basement, man cave, study or yes, even the bathroom …. normally it’s not the bedroom .

Wife, mother, stay at home mom, hectic business woman/owner or all of the above, at some point, something has to give! We come home and there is no where to find Peace!  For some of us, we walk in our front door and the chaos hits us in the face. For others, our house looks really organized on the lower level, BUT, when you go upstairs, it is a whole different story.  Unfortunately, in many cases, our bedroom is the last place to get our attention, when in essence, it should be the first.

It's simply overwhelming!

It’s simply overwhelming!

Why?  Our dresser is a mess… we didn’t have time to even make our bed and there’s clothes everywhere!  When we are surrounded by chaos, it has a tendency to rob us of our energy. Chaos is the last thing we see before we close our eyes at night and the first thing we see in the morning.  It becomes extremely difficult to truly rest.  The clutter only adds to our daily stress and frustration.  NOT GOOD!  We need every bit of energy that we can muster, so I suggest that we start to organize our bedrooms first… a little at a time.  

Here are just a few suggestions:

  • I am a strong proponent of making our bed every morning.  I promise you, it will make a difference!
  • Keep the bed clear of all “stuff”, especially clothes.  Yes, you can put them on the chair, but only temporarily.
  • Don’t take the computer to bed.  We really shouldn’t work in bed, but I must admit, I am guilty of this at times.
  • Organize our night tables and dresser.
  • Then move on to the bigger projects like, our closet, bathroom, TV stand, dresser drawers, etc. etc. etc.
Your Peace makes all the difference!

Our Peace makes ALL the difference!

We really MUST have a Place of Peace and Serenity in our homes.  Do you have such a place and if so, where is it?  Please Share….

Organizing Project Complete!

This project was to organize an entire home, from garage & family room to the upstairs bedrooms.  I met my client at a vending event that I attended to share info about ShelfGenie and Order Your Steps.  She arrived just when the event was beginning to shut down.  She passed by our booth and she said that she really needed to get her home organized.  However, she simply took the info and said that she would call me.  Arline, ShelfGenie franchise owner, said “Did you get her phone number?”  Please understand that God always Orders Your Steps…. I kinda chased her down and got her phone number.  AMAZING!!   A few weeks later, I did her FREE in-home assessment and the rest is history!   😀

She’s been truly AWESOME!  She’s been very patient with me and has worked diligently throughout the entire organizing process. However, at times, it was simply overwhelming for her, but she stuck with it.  Although, there were times that she just couldn’t get her homework done, she was always ready to work when I showed up.

Once motivated, she began doing other improvements to her home, i.e. painting, deck refinishing and replacing patio doors… I mean BIG stuff.  She is living proof that once you start to establish more organization in your home, it promotes an Order to your life were also times that we had an opportunity to discuss her work life…It is all about Order!!

HOORAY!  We have finished the bulk of our project, and now we will need to do some fine tuning to a few areas of her home. We will establish a maintenance program that will enable her to continue what we have started.  Our official project wrap-up was last Friday. It felt like we were closing a major chapter of her life, which I guess we have!  I appreciate how the Lord has allowed me to minister to her during this last few months.  Moving forward, I will check in with her by phone or preferrably a pop-up visit every other week or so.  In addition, we will have a two-hour organizing session once a month and then we’ll just see what happening from here!   😀

Here are a few rooms that we did… Take a Look!!

Healing Virtue

For the past few weeks, I had been struggling to write a post.  So I just started jotting down titles and “Healing Virtue” was one of them.  Now the really hard part was to find the words to go with the title.  Then I was thinking about the people that God has allowed to cross my path, since I started Order Your Steps.  I’ve met cancer survivors, transplant survivors, persons with various challenges… and since God has ordered my steps, I know that it has not been by accident, nor a coincidence!   Order Your Steps is not just a ministry of organizing & order, but also one of healing (physical & spiritual).

I did a Google search on the word “virtue” and found this:  The word “virtue” is translated from the Greek word “dynamin”, meaning “the power of the Spirit”. This power of the Spirit, or healing virtue, is invested in every believer.**

Healing is not just from physical illness, but spiritual also.  Many of us face many challenges; stress, frustration, anxiety, fatigue, disappointment, etc. etc. etc. caused by family, friends, co-workers, managers, supervisors… you get the idea!!!!  Some of us are married, single, with children and without children.  We are just caught up in the hustle and bustle of life.  The chaos has become our norm.  Some of us are unemployed, underemployed & others are extremely overworked.  Many are at the very top of the corporate ladder and thrive on the fast pace… but I would like to propose that ALL of us should consider a Spiritual De-cluttering.  This clutter and disorder is hindering our ability to reach higher levels, to achieve our full potential and operate with the spirit of excellence that we expect of ourselves and that God expects of us.  Yet, we won’t make time to simply Breathe, Enjoy Life and Live It to Its Fullest!  

If the weather will cooperate in the DMV(like today!), it will actually feel like Spring and we will officially begin our season of refreshing & new birth.  As we start spring cleaning and organizing of our physical space, let’s take the time to cleanse our inner space, spiritually de-clutter and walk in our Divine Order.

Let the Healing Virtue of Christ flow through your life!**  

What are your challenges?

What are the obstacles that are standing in your way?

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(**Credit:  http://dongossett.com/iframes/devotionals/HealingVirtue.html.)