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Living between Two Houses!

Well, Sherryl Cook, I had to give your request some thought….  Any great organizational tips for people who practically live in their cars?  I came up with two (2) major factors, which must be considered:

  • You want to feel at “home” at each other’s house
  • You do not want to feel like you are living out of your car

Common Sense right?  But the question is How?  Here are just a few suggestions:

You each need a space to call home.  Now I am not trying to imply that you don’t feel like you are at home.  But you each need a designated space for your “stuff”.  You don’t want “stuff” all over the house.  You need to know where to find what you need, when you need it.  Some basic essentials; the favorite book, slippers, hair products, etc., that you don’t have to carry back and forth.  This also means that you need to know what you have at his house and what he has at yours.  Keep in mind that I am not trying to over-complicate the matter.  This is a relationship, so you don’t have to make the process too formal.

My second suggestion is that you “sorta” map out what you are going to wear for the week or at least have some idea.  I’m getting really creative on this one.  You want to plan ahead, so that you are not always carrying clothes and other stuff, from one house to the other and back again!

Now I may have made a number of “assumptions” along the way :-), but maybe I said something that may help!

Please let me know how it works out…..

4 thoughts on “Living between Two Houses!

  1. I’d buy the basic in expensive items to have at both houses—toothbrush hair clips, PJ, etc. That way you don’t have to think about it. When I worked at two different schools, I’d buy two similar, but different items. So two different books about the same topic or skill. I could switch the two around, but always had one of that type at each place. I didn’t feel like I wasted the money buying identical items that way.

    I’d keep a pair of generic back up clothes (fits lots of situations)—-jeans and t-shirt or buisness casual at the other house just incase you forgot to pack—you have something to fall back on. Also containing your stuff to one area or room when it’s at the other place might help from feeling like you took over. Good luck figuring it out. You may not have a system worked out right away—but you’ll fall into it eventually. It’s tough finding stuff that works for both people. Some may just come from trial and error.

  2. I love this! Thank you… Since I have been doing this awhile, it helps to have one bag that you carry with you back & forth. In case you realize that you may need something back at the other house. I do have two sets of makeup and personal items, clothes at both places etc. it takes practice, skill & a little luck not to forget anything! Loved the post!!!

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