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My Life is Amazing and In Order, but NOT perfect!

ALERT!  This is going to be a post of RAMBLINGS!!!!  I often struggle to decide on what to share with my followers, which totals over 800, including my FB friendsTHANKS TO ALL OF YOU for taking the time to stop by from time to time!   I have also discovered that I get a better response to my life posts than my organizing posts.  There are only so many Before & After pictures that I can share, but there will be more of them too, as time goes by… Yes, the RAMBLING has already begun! 😀

Have you ever had to stop and remind yourself just how amazing your life is???? We had a HIGH time in the Lord in church today and there were testimonies of great miracles that came forth!!!  I became overwhelmed again with just how amazing God is and how amazing my life is, because of His Favor towards me and my family.  He is opening so many doors for us and closing those doors that must be closed.  Where do I begin? 

** My husband is bringing in overtime pay, just when we needed it most, as God would have it!  Now don’t get it wrong, my husband has had to work 12 hour shifts from 6 am to 6 pm and of course, there have been persons that have gone out of their way to get on his last nerve, even more so than usual, during these long hours!

** My oldest daughter’s graphic arts company, INKED DESIGNS, is growing.  She is doing freelance work now for advertising agencies.  She is only 25 and owns her own business.  How Great is That!!  

*** My youngest daughter, yes I must say it again… has graduated college and she is just about to finish her first novel, that will be published.  There has been other books written, since she was a teenager.  Those will  be edited and published later.  God’s Favor!

** Then, I remain cautiously optimistic about my son, who turns 36 this year.  In recent months, we had a heart to heart talk, one like we have never, never, ever had before.  I know that the Lord is working.  He texts me with “Hi, beautiful! – or – Hi,I love you! – out of nowhere????  Please keep praying with me for his complete deliverance.

And if that isn’t enough, Order Your Steps is growing!  Clients are coming from all different directions… Their steps ordered by the Lord!  It’s amazing to me to see the lives that He has allowed me to touch, so far.  There are really no words to describe!

BUT…. my life is not perfect and to be totally honest… it is not meant to be.  🙂 There is so much that the Lord needs for us to do and there are various ways in which He is preparing us for this journey called Life... maybe it’s time for you to remind yourself of just how AMAZING your Life is… even if it isn’t perfect!!!! 

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