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2015, The Year of a New Direction…

Well, 2015 is here!  The biblical meaning of the number 15 is a new direction and to rest in God.  I don’t see my direction changing, but the scripture that’s been resonating in my spirit, if you haven’t guessed is ….

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So I will simply rest and wait for His instructions.  I’m not sure what God has in store for me this year, but, I’ve decided to just allow Him to continue to Order My Steps. When I reflect back to my first post of 2014, “Ramblings of what’s ahead for me in 2014“, my words for this year of 2015 are exactly the same.  I am not sure if that’s good or bad, but I plan on staying the course …. FULL SPEED AHEAD!!!


6 thoughts on “2015, The Year of a New Direction…

    • Happy New Year to you too!!!! That passage rings to true, especially when things are not going exactly as we think they should. My daughter often says that when we give God “our” plan, it simply laughs… we have no clue what He has planned for us. Thanks Imelda for taking the time to comment.

  1. I have a magnet on my filing cabinet with that verse from Jeremiah. I placed it where I knew I would always see it.

    I didn’t realize the significance of 15. I have vowed to be able to hear God’s direction and follow it. He may be pointing me in a new, better direction. I know he is calling me to rest and read on a regular basis. Being relaxed and still will allow me to hear God’s guidance. Thanks for the reminder. I know a great year is unfolding.

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