Are you REALLY organized?

Do you have a secret closet?  I can not stress enough that being organized, does NOT mean that your house is so neat, that you can’t live in it.  Have you ever been in someone’s house that was soooooo clean that you didn’t want to sit down???  You were even afraid to breathe, cause your breath might leave air particles on the furniture….

Your organized space must be live-able and if it is tooooo organized, yes, I really mean too organized, it will be very difficult to maintain!

That piece of paper is in the yellow folder, with the pink dot, in the green drawer of the purple file cabinet

and it is the third sheet of paper, with the red tab….  ARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!

The primary goal of being organized is to have some order to your stuff so that you can find what you need, when you need it.  If you have a secret closet, than you are probably NOT organized, you are just REAL neat….