Is the Junk in your car Junk?

I read a very interesting article and I attempted to send it to all of my blog followers.  But since I am still somewhat technically-challenged, I am not sure what happened to it (so please let me know if you got it and I apologize if this is a duplicate).

The junk inside your car isn’t exactly ‘junk’……It actually says a lot about you!

What’s in your car? Do you have purple fuzzy dice hanging from your rearview mirror? Or is it cluttered with empty water bottles? Well, according to experts, the junk inside your car isn’t exactly ‘junk’……It actually says a lot about you! So here’s what certain types of car clutter say about your personality……Courtesy of Woman’s World Magazine: • First: What if you have a decoration hanging from your rearview mirror? Psychologist Dr. Maximillian Wachtel says hanging something from your rear-view mirror – like fuzzy dice or a stuffed baseball – is a sign that you’re confident. Why? Because the fact that you’re okay telling the world what appeals to you says you’re comfortable with who you are. • Next: What if your car is cluttered with empty water bottles? Psychologist Dr. Tina Tessina says drinking water in the car shows that you’re efficient. Why? Because even though you’re always on the go, you still stay on top of important things – like keeping yourself hydrated. • Also: What if you keep a first aid kit in your car? Obviously, this means you’re safety conscious. But a first aid kit also indicates you like being in control. Dr. Tessina says your first aid kit makes you feel like no matter what happens, you’ll be able to handle it. • And finally: What if you have an angel in your car or an angel bumper sticker? This is a sign of a positive thinker. Dr. Tessina says people who surround themselves with angels, or other symbols of hope and optimism, expect good things to happen, which makes them more positive and more satisfied with their lives. So what if you have fuzzy dice, water bottles, a first aid kit, and an angel in your car? It means you’re a confident person who’s always on top of things, and is ready to handle any situation with positive thinking. It also means you need to clean out your car!
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“Junk in the Trunk” (of your car!)

First, I must let you know, as I also told my Facebook fans, I made the mistake of Googling “Junk in the Trunk”.  There are obviously different meaning for that term.  By the way, I really need to know how the filter out the sexually explicit images from Google Search.  Parents, if you haven’t already, I would strongly suggest you check into it.  I don’t have any young children now, so I am sure that I am WAY late on this one…. Moving right along!

The trunk of car or your car as a whole is no different than a room in your home or office, when it comes to organizing.  You need to know what is in your trunk and be able to put your hand on what you need quickly.  The process of sort, purge and organize still applies.

Clutter is clutter, no matter what part of your life it occupies.  


Let’s take a look at a few trunk organizing tools…