“Diving Right In” – Phase II (Test the System)

I decided to back-up and re-group and NOT try to name all the phases of organizing.  I will stick with the name that works, “Dive Right In” and not make the process too complicated (no more contests for a while :-()… although I may try to stay with a water theme.

I started small with my project (as we all should) and worked under my bathroom sink.  I had to separate my personal items from my cleaning items.  Fortunately, my bathroom has two (2) sinks, so I didn’t need have to get my husband’s input, but I probably need to know what IS under his sink.



You can buy small organizing tools along the way, like this little basket. But there is no need to buy unnecessary items. 

Now if you have the CASH, then GO FOR IT!!!

After the project is complete, we need to develop a road map, NOT literally.  But at least, we should have a general idea of what all the items are in the space.  Take others on a tour of the new “organized” space, so that they know where everything is.


Now understand that NO organizing system is cast in stone, it continues to evolve.  A system is meant to continue to improve and become more effective, the more you use it…..

Phase III – What’s Next!


Now that we have a rhythm going, let’s go to the next space, using the same process.  I am sure that we have made modifications along the way and adjustments based on “Lessons Learned”.  With each new space, the process becomes easier and easier.

Once you have a “basic” organizing system developed, you can just “roll with the flow”

Now this is VERY IMPORTANT, you have to live in the space and things are going to get out of place.  Do NOT create a system that you can’t live with.  Just don’t allow the clutter to build and get out of control.


We need a maintenance process and we need EVERYONE involved, including the kids.

“Dive Right In” – Step 2

For the past two (2) weeks,  I had committed my blog to the contest and as my friend over at “Laughing at Everyday Life” said, once you are committed, you have to see it through.  Needless to say, it didn’t exactly turnout the way I had liked, but I got a great name nonetheless. Again, I want to say “Congratulations, Cheryl” at Create a Beautiful Life, for the name “Dive Right In” for Phase 1 of Organizing.  I never really know what the Lord has planned, especially if it don’t happen the way I think it should.

Let’s get back to Organizing… Now that we have completed Step 1 and we have gathered the input from the other members of the household about how to best utilize the space that we have identified, then we are ready to move on to Step 2…

It is imperative that we touch every item in the space. NO Really! Don’t Assume.  I can hear you now, “I know everything in this space and I need to keep everything in it”.  NOT!  You should determine if you really need /want to keep an item, throw it away or if it belongs in another space.

Once we have decided what is going to stay in the space and or potentially what items that may be added to the space, we want to develop an organizing system that will maximize all usable space.  Everything must have its proper place.  We need to be able to find the item(s) and be able to direct someone else to the item, if necessary.  Again, it would be great if all members would participate in the process but that is not always feasible.  But if you decide to do it yourself, you don’t want “Candy, Where is my _______?”, which you will probably get anyway!  Keep in mind that after the project is finished, we will still need their support to maintain it.

Now I am sure that you may have already decided, this is just TOO much work!!!  But remember, once you have made up your mind to “Get Organized”, you have to “Dive Right In”.  As I said in an earlier post, I am over-emphasizing the steps of the process, so that we do an effective job organizing our space and  yet it doesn’t overwhelm us along the way.  Clutter did not just happen overnight, so it will take time to get things back in order.  We must think through the entire project, so that we avoid becoming extremely frustrated, especially if our space begins to look like it did before we started.

Now that we have completed “Dive Right In”, we can decide if you really need to buy something and what it might be….

Music to Organize By!

Un-clutter your Mind, Spirit and Space…