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My Epiphany(s)

Epiphany Part I – Organizing is Not Difficult, but it is NOT Easy either!

 I am a born organizer, but organizing takes on a whole new dimension when you are doing it for a living.

First, I found myself, making sure that I am organized.  In my spare time (?), I tidied up my pantry and kitchen cabinets… No, I don’t have BEFORE pictures… Remember, I’m a Professional Organizer!  🙂  LOL!  Now if you are critiquing my degrees of “neatness”, please understand, TOO “neat” is almost impossible to maintain (unless you live alone).  Your space must be liveable.  You will just have to trust me on this one.  But don’t misunderstand, if you hire me and you want “neat”, I will give you whatever degree of “neat” you want.  🙂

When someone is paying you for a service, things change. It is no longer the way you think it should be, but now you have to determine what the customer wants and deliver it. Organizing is Not Difficult, but at times, tapping into what the customer wants & needs will not always be easy. This premise applies to you also. When you begin organizing, you will need to develop a “system” that you can sustain/maintain,  yet live with This applies to home, work and Life, in general.

Epiphany Part II –  It is not about what it looks like!

I am in the process of promoting my business and I was working with one of the on-line ad companies to increase the traffic to my website.  The representative was explaining to me how she could optimize my ad, however, she said, Well, you do know that the professional organizing industry is saturated.”   I didn’t comment, but it struck me.  Had I really retired and entered a market that had no potential?  The enemy loves to siege an opportunity to get you discouraged.  However, what I decided during my session of 2nd guessing myself again…. My Steps have been Ordered! … I must practice what I am preaching.  The “industry” will just have to make room for me.  I am passionate about Organizing and it goes WAY BEYOND “Organizing” in the traditional sense.  When I talk to anyone about my mission, my ministry, my vision for “Order Your Steps”; I get excited… my voice goes up at least an octave or two and my heart starts racing! 

“Order Your Steps” may not look like or feel like what “I” think it should be,  YET!… All I can say is that we will just have to wait and see what God has in store for me!


6 thoughts on “My Epiphany(s)

  1. When you’re that excited about your business, it has staying power. The business of professional organizing might be saturated because right now it’s trendy–but if you can stay with it than you’ll do great.

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