“I could probably find the time, BUT I really don’t want to do it!”

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Yes, I believe that we have the time to tackle our clutter, but we channel our time and energy into things that we would rather do!  Why don’t we make time to do the things that we know that we really need to do?  Getting organized is no difference than losing weight, exercising on a consistent basis and eating more healthy…. We must be motivated, committed and have the willpower to stick with it.  “So how are going to group “organizing” with that other stuff that has a real impact on me living better”?  Because (broken record speech again) Our Lives Need ORDER!  OK, I won’t go into the rest of the speech, BUT disorder & Chaos in our lives creates stress, frustration, etc. etc. etc.  I hear it all the time.  So why don’t we take the time to get it done?  Most times, we just need a little motivation!

I worked with a client recently, who just needed a little motivation.  She owns her own business and business has been going very, very well, but unfortunately, she just could not keep up with all the things that needed to be done.  The BIG things that impacted rather she got paid or not, and the small things that just made the business run smoother.  When she hired me, she was already on a mission.  She was determined to get more organized because she knew the impact that it was having not only on her business, but on her life overall.  Our project was 90% paper management.  She sorted and purged her paper so quickly.  She was on a mission!  She was motivated, but she needed me to keep her focused and on track.  She knew that when I left, she would stop working.  We whipped through the paper, like a knife through butter.  She had A LOT of paper, but once we purged, organizing was easy.  We set up a filing system that she could maintain and developed a work process together that would be easy to follow because we made only minor adjustments to how she worked naturally.  (Click on the link to read her testimonial)

So the question is “what will it take to get you motivated?”  Sorry, I don’t have the answer.  But I would strongly suggest that you tap into your inner spirit to find the answer.  It applies to ALL the things that you really NEED to get done… but you really don’t want to do it!  It may be just having someone there working with you.  It could be a professional organizer, personal trainer, nutritionist, etc. OR it may just be a friend or your spouse whose mere presence is enough to keep you motivated until you get the job done.

What are your thoughts?

A year and almost a month has passed…

On September 13, 2011, Order Your Steps became a reality.  It has truly been an interesting ride since last Sept.  I haven’t made a lot of money :-(… But it hasn’t been about money yet.   My Xerox checks didn’t stop until mid-August and my pension checks started in mid-Sept.  So we are still eating and we have a place to stay. 🙂 But my primary mission has been to help people to find order in their chaos. I did not want money to be the showstopper…  Let’s work out a special rate or a payment plan, because this is more to me than just putting order to peoples’ stuff.  My desire has been to help others to de-clutter, de-stress and de-compress their daily lives!

I have had an a wide variety of clients, some easy and some difficult. There have been organizing projects with big clutter and little clutter. Many of my clients have come and gone over the past several months, but the pace has been relatively steady.  I’ve learned to enjoy the periods of rest between jobs.  In order to broaden my horizons, keep money coming in and add to my business portfolio of service offerings, I completed designer training for ShelfGenie (click the link and find out more).   

So what is next for me?   I want to continue to grow and prosper Order your Steps (OYS)!  I see OYS and ShelfGenie operating in tandem with one another.  I want to expand my workshops to other community and church groups.  I also want to start consulting with small businesses owners in organizational effectiveness.

For now, all is all, my life is really good! Satan would have me to believe that WOW!  Things are just TOO good. The devil is a liar.  This is what God wants our lives to be.  He has a Divine Order for our lives. This does not mean a “perfect” life, but for us to have the peace of God that passes all understanding. Some of you may say, Who is she kidding?  Well, all I can say is, if you  only knew from whence I came… you already know some of it from previous posts, but you don’t know the half of it.

I know that God will continue to Order my Steps, as I take one Step at a time…..

P.S.  I have written about all my children, so on Wednesday, find out more about my other half, my husband of 28 years…..

Honeymoon in the Poconos – 1984

P.S.S.  I want to solicit your requests for topics and ideas for future posts on organizing and other points of interest.

My Epiphany(s)

Epiphany Part I – Organizing is Not Difficult, but it is NOT Easy either!

 I am a born organizer, but organizing takes on a whole new dimension when you are doing it for a living.

First, I found myself, making sure that I am organized.  In my spare time (?), I tidied up my pantry and kitchen cabinets… No, I don’t have BEFORE pictures… Remember, I’m a Professional Organizer!  🙂  LOL!  Now if you are critiquing my degrees of “neatness”, please understand, TOO “neat” is almost impossible to maintain (unless you live alone).  Your space must be liveable.  You will just have to trust me on this one.  But don’t misunderstand, if you hire me and you want “neat”, I will give you whatever degree of “neat” you want.  🙂

When someone is paying you for a service, things change. It is no longer the way you think it should be, but now you have to determine what the customer wants and deliver it. Organizing is Not Difficult, but at times, tapping into what the customer wants & needs will not always be easy. This premise applies to you also. When you begin organizing, you will need to develop a “system” that you can sustain/maintain,  yet live with This applies to home, work and Life, in general.

Epiphany Part II –  It is not about what it looks like!

I am in the process of promoting my business and I was working with one of the on-line ad companies to increase the traffic to my website.  The representative was explaining to me how she could optimize my ad, however, she said, Well, you do know that the professional organizing industry is saturated.”   I didn’t comment, but it struck me.  Had I really retired and entered a market that had no potential?  The enemy loves to siege an opportunity to get you discouraged.  However, what I decided during my session of 2nd guessing myself again…. My Steps have been Ordered! … I must practice what I am preaching.  The “industry” will just have to make room for me.  I am passionate about Organizing and it goes WAY BEYOND “Organizing” in the traditional sense.  When I talk to anyone about my mission, my ministry, my vision for “Order Your Steps”; I get excited… my voice goes up at least an octave or two and my heart starts racing! 

“Order Your Steps” may not look like or feel like what “I” think it should be,  YET!… All I can say is that we will just have to wait and see what God has in store for me!


The Connection

Why Me!!!!!

Within two years, I was a manager.  I discovered that people don’t always do what they are supposed to do.  Two years later, I wasn’t a manager.  My manager’s manager called me in the office and yes, I knew immediately that there was a problem.  Apparently, 2nd level management felt that I was “too defensive”, among other things….  I was devastated!  I wanted to scream, yell… CRY!!!!!!!!!  I must admit that I REALLY don’t like to ERR….OR.

THEY really didn’t know me!  Were THEY supposed to be “smarter” than me, because they had more experience, REALLY! Or was it simply that they were better at creating chaos???

What Do You Think?   (I welcome your comments!)

I guess that I should also mention that by now I was also married, which added a whole NEW dimension to the equation. But what I began to discover was that sometimes our steps are ordered in a way that we don’t understand.  “The steps of a good man (woman) are ordered by the Lord … “ (Psalm 37:23) …..  but you have to take a step and He will order the next.

Can we really find order in chaos or do we have to create it?  There are many things that are outside of our immediate control.  So we have to find those things that are within our control and Find Our Order. 

I would venture to guess that most of our work lives and for some, home also, is very stressful.  Therefore, we must find ways to de-stress.  Although, I am sure that it seems really trivial and much too simple, but it could mean that we need to de-clutter our office, our workspace, a drawer, a closet, a garage, and the list goes on and on.

Now I would suggest that you try it, before you knock it….

If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind....

Then what about an ORGANIZED DESK….? 

And even for those of you that are “organized”, if you are still stressed from time to time, I believe that I have a few tips for you also. 

STAY TUNED, There’s more to come…..