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A year and almost a month has passed…

On September 13, 2011, Order Your Steps became a reality.  It has truly been an interesting ride since last Sept.  I haven’t made a lot of money :-(… But it hasn’t been about money yet.   My Xerox checks didn’t stop until mid-August and my pension checks started in mid-Sept.  So we are still eating and we have a place to stay. 🙂 But my primary mission has been to help people to find order in their chaos. I did not want money to be the showstopper…  Let’s work out a special rate or a payment plan, because this is more to me than just putting order to peoples’ stuff.  My desire has been to help others to de-clutter, de-stress and de-compress their daily lives!

I have had an a wide variety of clients, some easy and some difficult. There have been organizing projects with big clutter and little clutter. Many of my clients have come and gone over the past several months, but the pace has been relatively steady.  I’ve learned to enjoy the periods of rest between jobs.  In order to broaden my horizons, keep money coming in and add to my business portfolio of service offerings, I completed designer training for ShelfGenie (click the link and find out more).   

So what is next for me?   I want to continue to grow and prosper Order your Steps (OYS)!  I see OYS and ShelfGenie operating in tandem with one another.  I want to expand my workshops to other community and church groups.  I also want to start consulting with small businesses owners in organizational effectiveness.

For now, all is all, my life is really good! Satan would have me to believe that WOW!  Things are just TOO good. The devil is a liar.  This is what God wants our lives to be.  He has a Divine Order for our lives. This does not mean a “perfect” life, but for us to have the peace of God that passes all understanding. Some of you may say, Who is she kidding?  Well, all I can say is, if you  only knew from whence I came… you already know some of it from previous posts, but you don’t know the half of it.

I know that God will continue to Order my Steps, as I take one Step at a time…..

P.S.  I have written about all my children, so on Wednesday, find out more about my other half, my husband of 28 years…..

Honeymoon in the Poconos – 1984

P.S.S.  I want to solicit your requests for topics and ideas for future posts on organizing and other points of interest.

7 thoughts on “A year and almost a month has passed…

  1. Hi Candy! I have a request for a future post. Could you share your favorite/most effective tips for organizing kids’ toys? I organize them into neat boxes one day, and the next day the toys are all mixed up and all over the place. If I give my kids (ages 6 and 8) the responsibility, they don’t do it. Help!

  2. I have a suggestion to expand that might expand your work a little. I don’t know if you have already done this. I was thinking that people could send you photographs of their mess, messy attic, messy room, storage unit or desk, whatever it is, and you could virtually organize it. You could create a sort of floor plan or space plan, and a list of tips on how to get in done, which you can email back to them. Charge a fee for your time. That way people don’t have to live in your vicinity to receive your direct help. What do you think?

    • I think that is a very good idea. I have heard of others doing that, but I kinda prefer the hands-on approach. However, I must be open-minded, try it and see where it goes. Thanks for the suggestion. I will keep you posted!

  3. Any great organizational tips for people who practically live in their cars? lol I have a house and my boyfriend has a house….working full time…things get lost in the shuffle!
    Congratulations on completing a year doing what you love! I can’t wait to make my break from my (bill paying job) to my passion!!!

    • Hi Sheryl, Thanks so much for the congratulations! I will definitely work on those tips for you for a post for the near future. Thanks for the suggestion!

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