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Vote for your Favorite “Name the Phase”

We want to find a “creative” name for the first phase of organizing.

And the Nominees are….. (in alphabetical order)

  1.  Accept and Admit
  2. Eye Opening
  3. Determine To Do It
  4. Dive Right In
  5. Fresh Start
  6. Inspiration
  7. New Beginning
  8. No Longer on the Fence
  9. Organizing Your Time
  10. Take the Plunge
  11. The Epiphany
  12. The Revelation
  13. To Be Perfectly Perfect in Everything within the Given Time 

You can vote for as many names as you like,

but vote ONLY ONCE for each name.

Respond with a Comment for your choice


Use “Order Your Steps” Facebook Page

to make your selection!


** Contestants,  

If I missed any names please contact me immediately!



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