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Organizing Tip for Today!

It is always a good idea to sort your mail when you take it out of the mailbox.


Throw the junk mail away first, but don’t forget to have a shred-only pile for all of those credit card offers….


Have a place designated to put mail that needs your attention and/or additional action is required.


Please don’t allow your mail to just continue to accumulate.  The piles will outrun you very quickly!


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4 thoughts on “Organizing Tip for Today!

  1. Don’t throw the junk mail away without opening the envelopes to see what’s inside. Over the years I have received more than a thousan dollars in ones, twos, and fives, usually to complete surveys, sign up for emails, try a 30-day free subscription, etc. I also have received calendars, key chains, pens and pencils, erasers, magnets, and on and on. I love junk mail!

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