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Un-Clutter Your Mind

The new year has just begun and I’m very concerned that we are already consumed by the mental chaos of busy and out of our divine rhythm.  A stream of clutter is slowly turning our mental space into a chaotic mess.  So, let’s unclutter our mind of all the excess mental baggage, so that we can stay focused, motivated, and productive for the rest of this year and years to come. 

  • Don’t forget to take a break! Your brain needs to rest and recharge in order to perform smoothly.
  • Being more mindful of your time and having the courage to say no!
  • Eliminating unnecessary thoughts will help reduce stress, boost self-esteem and free up mental space.
  • Journaling is one of the most relaxing ways to un-clutter your mind by analyzing and organizing your thoughts!

I am excited to announce that I am a Contributing Author in the new book, Women of Virtue Walking in Excellence 52-Week Journal: Exceed! Discover! Recover! Release! Our journal entries will transform your life, inspiring you to purposefully walk in the ways of a virtuous woman to exceed all expectations, discover what you never knew existed, live in a place of victory, and release all of the promises for your life.”

**Coming March 18th **

Be Inspired, Encouraged and Empowered to Live an Un-cluttered Life!

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Meet Candy H. Speight, Owner/Cert. Life Coach/Prof. Organizer – During her 32-year career at Xerox, she spent fifteen (15) years, as a Field Service Manager. Her primary role was to manage, coach and counsel people, not only in the work environment, but also from a personal perspective. As a professional organizer, for more than 10 years now, she has always wanted not only to organize various living spaces for my clients, which will always remain her passion. As we move forward, as a certified life coach, she will inspire, encourage, motivate, and empower women to be the best that they can be, by un-cluttering their lives; mind, soul and space.  She has wonderfully loving, hardworking husband, Kurt, (who supported her decision to retire in order to pursue her dream), a very grown son and two beautiful grown daughters .

The steps of a good man [woman] are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way. Psalm 37:23 KJV

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