August is a Month of Change

August is the 8th month and  in biblical terms, the number 8 means “new beginnings”, in the year 2012, the Year of Order.

August has always been a month of significant events for me.  August 4th was the 14th anniversary of the death of my father, which is usually just a passing thought.  For some reason, the thoughts of my dad lingered a little longer than usual this year.  My father raised me as a first son (which also has strong biblical implications, but I’ve digressed).  He was very strict and a strong disciplinarian with me, but not with my sister (another story for another time).  So needless to say, my dad and I were not the best of friends.  But I loved him and late in my adult life, I realized that he loved me too.  August 7th would have been his 78th birthday.

On a lighter note, August 9th was my parents’ wedding anniversary, the 12th is my mother’s birthday, the 14th is my youngest daughter’s birthday and the 16th is my husband’s birthday.  WOW!!!!!!  But this year, there is one more significant event for me, August 10th is my official, official last day with Xerox (10 days shy of my 33rd anniversary).  August 11 is my New Beginning!!!!!  I have had eight (8) months of trial run with my new business.  During this time, God has continued to show me that He has a purpose for Order Your Steps and He will prosper it, if I trust Him and not rely on my own understanding… Proverbs 3:5-6.  When God has purposed something for us, but we are not too sure if we want to do it, remember He knows what is best for us and eventually, it is going to happen.

I have transitioned into the next phase of my life.  Order and discipline are not new concepts for me, but God is taking me to a whole new level.  What about you? Are you ready to make a change?  With Change comes Challenges, but anything worth having does…

 August can be your “New Beginning”!