Grown “Children” ?? (Random)

First, I must confess that I don’t have a blog post for you today about “Organizing”.  I hope that you are a little disappointed.  😦

But with Mother’s Day coming up, I thought that I would share some of my random thoughts about having Grown “Children”.  I must say that the term seems to be an oxymoron.  They are either grown or they are children.  I am not dense.  I realize that no matter how old they get, they will always be our children.  For a mother, especially, when you look at your grown child and you think back to the day you gave birth to them, you are in awe of God’s wonder of Life.

Most times, that alone gives the mother special privileges, but as we all know, parenting is by no means an exact science.  Most parents that I speak to that have more than one child, there is always that one that is slightly “different” than the rest.  That’s a story all by itself.

Well, I have three (3), a son and 2 daughters, ages 33, 23 and 19. We will come back to the son in a moment.  I thought of this topic when I read my friend and fellow blogger, Anissa’s post about her son. The plight of our sons are very similar at the moment, but prayerfully and with God’s Grace, their lives will remain on the path that God has laid out for them, even if it doesn’t look like they are.

My girls are phenomenal.  My oldest girl is a graphic designer and working on her 2nd internship at Shakespeare Theater, but yes, it is time for her to get a real job.  My youngest girl has just finished her 2nd year of college, but she is the globetrotter/world traveler.  She studied aboard in London last semester, she went to Texas for Spring break and then went to NY before coming home.  I have my moments of insanity when she is away, but it doesn’t last long.  I remind myself that she is in God’s hands and “All is Well”!

Well, before you get TOTALLY BORED OUT OF YOUR SKULL….  I haven’t seen my son is about two (2) years.  The Lord allows me to hear from various people that cross my path that he is “OK”.  I ask for your prayers that he returns to the path that God has ordained for him, even if he doesn’t come back to me.  His soul is much more important!   …….Thanks for indulging my ramblings!  

Stay Tuned for “Blog Chill Day 9”