Organizing My Car …. that doubles as my Office!

I spend even more time on the road these days.  I now cover Prince George’s, Montgomery, Anne Arundel Counties, parts of Howard & Baltimore County and more, in Maryland.  Thus my car now doubles as my office.  I must have everything that I need to do my job with me at all times, whether I am going to an Order Your Steps client’s home to organize their closet or I’m doing a FREE in-home ShelfGenie consultant…. and everything must be easily accessible.

I used Windows Movie Maker to produce my lastest video (my daughter helped a little bit  :-D)… the application was fairly easy to use.  However, it took a lot of time and patience to produce a finished product that I was willing to share….

Please let me know what you think!

Organizing Tip for Today!

You will find that my thoughts and organizing ideas that we will share, apply to every job or activity.  There are always People, Paper (hard-copy & especially electronic), and Things that interfere with what we have to get done.  There is definitely a connection between STRESS and the Mess (physical & spiritual)!!!

Time to just walk away!

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