Organizing My Car …. that doubles as my Office!

I spend even more time on the road these days.  I now cover Prince George’s, Montgomery, Anne Arundel Counties, parts of Howard & Baltimore County and more, in Maryland.  Thus my car now doubles as my office.  I must have everything that I need to do my job with me at all times, whether I am going to an Order Your Steps client’s home to organize their closet or I’m doing a FREE in-home ShelfGenie consultant…. and everything must be easily accessible.

I used Windows Movie Maker to produce my lastest video (my daughter helped a little bit  :-D)… the application was fairly easy to use.  However, it took a lot of time and patience to produce a finished product that I was willing to share….

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What is in your car?

When I worked for Xerox, I was a “field” manager, which meant that I spent a lot of time in my car.  Paperwork, employee files, customer info, etc. needed to be easily accessible, while I was in my car.  In addition, eating fast food while I was on the road…. was fast and a part of my daily work process.  So trash could begin to accumulate! Although my car had become my mobile office, remember, I am an organizer and my car still had to stay relatively clean and orderly.

You can believe, my car did not look like this!  

Photo credit: CNN-ireport

If perchance your car, does look like this… :-(,

Here are a few car organizing tools that you can use…

What is in your car?