DeCluttering Your Mind!

Over the next several months, we will be sharing info on “DeCluttering Your Mind”! Unfortunately, as women, we don’t always acknowledge to ourselves that we get tired of trying to keep all of the many balls of life that we juggle in the air on a daily basis! As we begin another journey of Ordering Your Steps, please share with us the number of hours of RESTFUL sleep that you get each night….


Where is your Place of Peace & Serenity?

Do you wake up tired?

Do you wake up tired?


Do you have a place in your home where you feel peaceful & calm?  If not, you should have…. I often write about Peace in my blog posts, because I truly believe, that our lives should have Peace and Order!  Our lives should not be filled with Chaos ALL the time.

Most of my clients are women and we all need a place in our homes to simply rest, unwind and regenerate.  It has been my experience, that it’s our bedroom.  When my projects are to organize the whole house, I ALWAYS start with the bedroom. Now this post is by no means, to exclude men.  But again, in my experience, men find refuge in those places where they are not to be disturbed, i.e. their basement, man cave, study or yes, even the bathroom …. normally it’s not the bedroom .

Wife, mother, stay at home mom, hectic business woman/owner or all of the above, at some point, something has to give! We come home and there is no where to find Peace!  For some of us, we walk in our front door and the chaos hits us in the face. For others, our house looks really organized on the lower level, BUT, when you go upstairs, it is a whole different story.  Unfortunately, in many cases, our bedroom is the last place to get our attention, when in essence, it should be the first.

It's simply overwhelming!

It’s simply overwhelming!

Why?  Our dresser is a mess… we didn’t have time to even make our bed and there’s clothes everywhere!  When we are surrounded by chaos, it has a tendency to rob us of our energy. Chaos is the last thing we see before we close our eyes at night and the first thing we see in the morning.  It becomes extremely difficult to truly rest.  The clutter only adds to our daily stress and frustration.  NOT GOOD!  We need every bit of energy that we can muster, so I suggest that we start to organize our bedrooms first… a little at a time.  

Here are just a few suggestions:

  • I am a strong proponent of making our bed every morning.  I promise you, it will make a difference!
  • Keep the bed clear of all “stuff”, especially clothes.  Yes, you can put them on the chair, but only temporarily.
  • Don’t take the computer to bed.  We really shouldn’t work in bed, but I must admit, I am guilty of this at times.
  • Organize our night tables and dresser.
  • Then move on to the bigger projects like, our closet, bathroom, TV stand, dresser drawers, etc. etc. etc.
Your Peace makes all the difference!

Our Peace makes ALL the difference!

We really MUST have a Place of Peace and Serenity in our homes.  Do you have such a place and if so, where is it?  Please Share….