OYS on the Road in 2014!

Order Your Steps (OYS) had its first excursion for the year 2014.  I’ve been very excited about presenting “Organizing for the New Year” to the Sisters Network of Prince George’s County.  I met their president, Madeline Long-Gill last year at a community event in Forestville and I have looked forward to this workshop ever since.  The Sisters Network is a survivorship for women who have HAD breast cancer or those who may still be going through chemo.  There was so much inner strength in the room that you could feel it.  It was truly awesome to be in the presence of God’s Grace in its Abundance!!   I had asked the Lord beforehand to send His healing virtue before I got there and He did.

Below you will find my FIRST Youtube video.  Please take a moment to check it out! You may wonder why my back was to the camera, but don’t ask 🙂…. please listen to my presentation and tell me what you think!

Blog Chill Day # 2

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Google Search

Order Your Steps (OYS) is hitting the road again.  We have been given an AWESOME opportunity to speak to the Sisters Network of Prince George’s County on tomorrow (Saturday).  The Sisters Network is a support group for breast cancer survivors.  My topic will be “Organizing for the New Year!”  I hope to have pictures for you next week.  Say a little prayer for me.

Have a Blessed Weekend!