Space for the Car!

When I am cleaning and organizing a garage, my main objective is to sort, purge and to help the homeowner to know what they have and where to find it when they need it.  BUT…



AFTER – Part 1

Unfortunately, your “neat” may be the other persons’ “nightmare”….

AFTER – Part 2

So, the idea behind this exercise was to simply make room for the car!  🙂

Organizing Tip for Today!

Many of us moved into our once “new” homes, because we needed MORE space. Interestingly enough, when we moved our “stuff” in… the space seemed to shrink. But, finally, we have a garage for our CAR??… NOT!   Unfortunately, the garage has become the storage bin that we thought we left behind. A garage does not have to be neat & clean, but it should be organized, an oxymoron? If we can sort and if we are willing to throw SOME things away … we may even find room for our car (a small car).  🙂

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