Organizing Tip for Today!

Many of us moved into our once “new” homes, because we needed MORE space. Interestingly enough, when we moved our “stuff” in… the space seemed to shrink. But, finally, we have a garage for our CAR??… NOT!   Unfortunately, the garage has become the storage bin that we thought we left behind. A garage does not have to be neat & clean, but it should be organized, an oxymoron? If we can sort and if we are willing to throw SOME things away … we may even find room for our car (a small car).  🙂

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Did you clean out the garage?

I must start by letting you all know how grateful I am for my now OVER 300 followers.  Half of my followers are my wonderful fellow blogger friends out there and the other half are my Order Your Steps Facebook Fans (please click link to LIKE”).  I never imagined how great the response would be to my blog.  To date, I have over 3000 hits, which may be small for some, but HUGE for me.  

I pray that you continue to visit me and find something that will be helpful, encouraging and inspires you.  This really isn’t just about putting order to your stuff, but giving you some order to your chaos in your life.

Now that I have gotten all serious on you, you REALLY need a laugh!

Your car is all clean and organized now, 

so did you clean out the garage???

Unfortunately, I can’t really endorse the garage storage cabinets (which look really nice)….

He really should have cleaned out the garage!!!!!!!

I also have a few garage before and after pictures

on my Order Your Steps website (Check it Out!)