Let’s Organize for Thanksgiving!

I thought that I would post early for next week, because someone out there may need some help getting ready for “Turkey Day”!

So let me begin by asking a few questions:

Do you have a plan for Thanksgiving dinner?

Or are you going to wing it?

Who’s coming to dinner?  What is the menu? Who’s cooking what?

“Organize”, you say….” that takes all the fun out of it!”

Let me suggest that if we plan ahead, we lessen the frustration level, especially for the cook(s)… and for our family, friends and guests.

 How late is dinner, usually?

Keep it simple!

1. Make notes (answer the questions above and put them on paper).

2. Stage your kitchen counter by having all your ingredients readily available.  Have many trips to the store do you make before dinner last year? 

3. Confirm the food items that others are bringing and extra dishes prepared, just in case.

4. Check the guest list and prepare for the unexpected.  Make more than needed,  instead of less.

5.  Prepare to have dinner ready ahead of time, or at least earlier, than later.

6. Take a breather before the guests arrive.

7. Greet your family, friends and special guests.

Give Thanks for His Goodness & Eat your Glorious Dinner!

8. Don’t forget to have a plan for clean-up after dinner.

Get Ready for Dessert and Coffee &  ENJOY YOUR DAY!

 P.S. I won’t be posting next week, I will be enjoying time with my babies!  Happy, Happy Thanksgiving!  … And YES, I am grateful every day and I am sure you are too.