Holidays are Coming! …. Are you Ready?

The Fall season has FALLEN32962411_s and there are less than two (2) months left in the year!  BUT DON’T PANIC!   Believe or not, you still have time to prepare, plan and minimize some of the stress that may be associated with the hustle and bustle of the Holidays.

Let’s just look at a few thought starters….

  • Start NOW! – Although it appears that you have a while yet…. you really DON’T.  Start planning now!  Get out the pencil and paper and jot down 2-3 “Must Do’s.  Maybe it’s clean the pantry, prepare the menu for Thanksgiving dinner or simply pull out the decorations to get you in the mood.
  • Establish a few LOOSE guidelines, objectives and timelines.  Remember this is NOT to make the preparation more stressful, so keep it loose, i.e. “I want to have my menu and grocery list finalized at least 2 weeks prior to Thanksgiving”.  Put the date reminder on your calendar.
  • Put a few items in the plan for Christmas Prep also.  Maybe you want to get the spare rooms ready.  Change the linen, make room in the closets, if necessary or  set the guest towels aside.
  • Give the kids the sale papers!  Let them start to prepare their wish list, so that they have the incentive to go through their old toys early (old clothes too, Moms) and donate to someone less privileged.

As I say often, set aside 20 minutes per task ONLY.

  1. Identify the task
  2. Set the timer
  3. Do as much of the task as you can
  4. When the timer goes off, Stop! and go on to something else

Try to Pace Yourself, Starting Now!

Don’t wait or you will be caught in the Holiday Whirlwind before you know it!


Are You Ready !

Please let us know if this helps!

A Testimony…

Today, I want to share with you a testimony from one of the Dear persons that I have been privileged to minister to.  It is somewhat difficult for me to put into words what I believe is the True Purpose of Order Your Steps.  So, I asked Sandra to send me a testimony of her experience with me during our organizing project and below you will find her words…  it is not edited and no, there was nothing bad for me to omit.  Admittedly, not everyone that I will minister to, will have positive words to say.  But God knew that!   Not everyone that you share the Word with, will receive it.  No, I did not quote scripture to Sandra, but she was able to receive what God wanted her to see, hear and experience.  Even though she wrote it and she will read this, she will never really understand how OVERWHELMED I would be when I read it…

“Candy, I am truly grateful for the time you have taken to assist me in my journey to become organized. Your holistic approach has had an affect on all aspects of my life. I’m not impulse shopping as much and when I do, I ask myself will this item have a place or will it just sit around unused and forgotten. For the first time in my life I did not have to constantly make excuses for the mess in my house when family arrived for the holidays. I was able to host my son and my nephew comfortably when they came home for the Thanksgiving break. I can’t tell you how emotionally empowering the moment was when I was able to tell them there was plenty of room for them to stay, instead of sending them to grandma’s house. Thank you for this and thank you for continuing to walk with me in my journey.”

Once again, He has confirmed for me my True Purpose.  I have stopped asking God for “more customers” or to “grow my business”… but God, “extend your territory”.  Open the doors that You want opened and close the doors that I think should be opened.

Lord, Order My Steps!  

What have you asked God for?  What are you asking God for?  What doors have He opened and you refused to go in, because it wasn’t the door you wanted opened?  Have you asked Him to Order Your Steps?  If He orders the steps, then you have to do the walking, even if it is not the path that you have chosen….

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Google Search

Thanks Sandra, for allowing me to continue to walk with you on your journey, even when the “organizing project” is over.  🙂

So What are You doing Today?

Yesterday was an Official day to give THANKS to GOD for ALL things and to Celebrate Family!   I am sure that we all agree that we MUST give thanks to God EVERY day….  We celebrated with our immediate family (minus son) and a friend this year.  There was an atmosphere of Love and laughter, Peacefulness and calm.  However, I do remember in years past, when we would Thank God, just to get through the day without something or someone igniting the pressure that was already in the room. (Of course, I am the only one that have had holidays like that. NOT! :-))

As we leave Thanksgiving Day and enter Black Friday, we are reminded….

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So What are You doing Today?  For some, today is called BLACK FRIDAY! (ominous sounding, don’t you think?)  … for some, it even started yesterday, after dinner!  REALLY?  REALLY!!   … A Mad Dash to the Mall for shopping and savings (?). In the past few years, it has actually become dangerous to be amongst the masses and masses of people trying to occupy the same space, at the same time, to buy the exact same items.  Are you out there right now?  Don’t get me wrong, I have always tried to avoid Black Friday like the plague, but I have spent many a day in Toys R’ Us, as well as other stores of all kinds … and WAAYYY after my kids discovered that there was no S______ C______, we had to have a REAL tree and make sure that it was filled to the brim!  But about 4-5 years ago, we had a revelation….

Today, we are home enjoying our day off (unfortunately my hubby had to work), but we will not be in the hustle and bustle at all this year.  We realized that we were constantly STRESSED about getting the right gift, about getting enough gifts (the girls HAD to have the same number of boxes to open and either way, we were gonna spend more money than we had!!!!!  I know that it may be tough to break the tradition of the holidays, especially if you have small children.  But we no longer have the BIG, REAL tree, now we have a small artificial tree that we put up in the dining room.  For the two years prior, we didn’t exchange gifts, but last year we decided to get each other one gift.  We plan a big family dinner with all the trimmings.  We play games and watch movies.  

At home, at work or shopping on Black Friday?   Please don’t lose sight of the true purpose of the holidays.  Are you stressed, tired, irritable, tired, stressed, frustrated, irritable, etc. etc.  Remember, this is the time of year that you should reflect on how far you have come over the years.  Be grateful for the LIFE that you have been given, although there have been a LOT of ups and downs …  and appreciate family.  Someone told me one day, that you can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family.  (My son text’d me, “Happy Thanksgiving, I Love You!” …. hmmmmmm????)  God, is that you?

So What are You doing Today?