Welcome to My World!

I entered the World of Corporate America when I was the ripe old age of 23, by way of Texas (long story).  I’d worked in a variety of companies since I was 14, so how different could this be?  I have always been a perfectionist at heart, so I diligently pursued mastering the tasks at hand.  Doing stuff the way it is supposed to be done, is how I find “Order”.  But what I discovered in Corporate America, is that once THEY find out that you have established an Order, “They” purpose in their hearts to introduce Chaos.  It is like living in a World of Espionage…. THEY seek to sabotage your “Order”.  So within 18 months (yes, it is surprising that it took them that long), I was hit from behind by Technology.  They expected me to do my tasks that I had mastered with a pencil and paper, now I had to use a computer.  This is not fair, my life is now turned upside down.  I CAN’T DO THIS…. Do They know how disruptive this is?  It is hard to breathe, I can’t function in Chaos!

So my true journey began to find Order as I navigated through the constant Chaos of Corporate America!