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Planning for 2013

It is during this time of year, if not sooner, that I start to think a lot about the new year that is quickly approaching.  It is the time that I not only look forward to what’s coming, but I reflect on the year that has passed.

It is interesting that when December comes, it just feels that the year has swished by…. but it really hadn’t.  So I want to just share a few thoughts that are on top of my brain at the moment.



Truly a year of blessings and God’s unmerited favor granted upon me and my family!!

  • My son reappeared after two years with his biological father, but has disappeared again.
  • Retirement after 32 years and started my own business, Order Your Steps!
  • Finding Order in Chaos Blog created & first published and as a result, I have met and becomes “blogsphere” friends with so many interesting people from all over the world.
  • The Lord brought so MANY people across my path this year, just so His light could shine.

and I could go on and on and on and on…..


  • Revisit my goals & objectives, both personal & professional, and determine what I accomplished and what I didn’t and why.
  • Rewrite my To Do list, so it looks neat and legible… OK, some OCD tendencies I have not let go of yet!  🙂
  • Look at what I want / need to do differently in 2013 and make the necessary adjustments to my goals and objectives.
  • Modify my action plan, as needed.

Let’s not dwell on what we didn’t get done, but on those things that we did…

Continue to expect God’s Blessings and Unmerited Favor

and Simply Enjoy Life, one day at a time!


What are your thoughts on ending 2012 and entering 2013?

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4 thoughts on “Planning for 2013

  1. Candy, Thanks.
    Like you, I like to pause and ‘create and celebrate seasons’ in our lives. We can become very weighted with all the not-so-good that has happened that we forget God’s goodness. But if we take time out the look back we will see how faithful our God really is to us.
    The year 2012 was a year of new beginnings for me in many ways and God has help me through those changes. I look forward to 2013 as a year in which God’s goodness continues and in which I see increase on the new beginnings of 2012.
    May you receive God’s Blessings and Unmerited Favor in 2013.

  2. Love your quote – Let’s not dwell on what we didn’t get done, but on those things that we did…

    All to often do we concentrate on the negatives when we really should look at the positives! I know I am very much a culprit of this! 🙂

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