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Order Your Steps is going on the road… sorta!

It is interesting how my life has evolved and the Lord continues to confirm my true purpose and how Order Your Steps plays a key role in that evolution.  My eyes are being opened to see how I can best utilize all my gifts and talents.  When I graduated high school, I wanted to be a teacher…. now I can teach organizing.   How great is that!!!

During the later part of last year, I started conducting the Order Your Steps“Organizing Made Simple” workshops at Senior Living Facilities.  Then I branched out to locations like Wegmans at Woodmore and Largo/Kettering Public Library, where I introduced “Investing Your Time Wisely!”    

Order Your Steps is in the house!!

Order Your Steps is in the house!!

Last week, Order Your Steps had a booth at  the Senior Health and Fitness Day that was held at the Prince George’s County Sporting and Learning Center in Landover, MD. and NOW, we are preparing for the Bowiefest 2013 Home and Health Expo on June 1st.   I hope to see you there!  For more info, please click the link or check out my Facebook page (please “LIKE”, while you are there).

If we would just wait on the Lord, not sitting in idle, but waiting in expectation.  Doors will open as God has promised, and we can walk right in…

9 thoughts on “Order Your Steps is going on the road… sorta!

  1. Congratulations!!! I especially like the last part about waiting on God, not in idleness but with expectation, and as we do, the doors will open as He promises. Then, we can walk right in. That’s the same thing I’ve been thinking about lately. 🙂

  2. Congrats Candy. You give me inspiration to kick off my Senior business! This is a booming business ! Let me know if you need my support with anything!

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