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Blog Chill Day # 11

I pray for husbands and wives everywhere.  I just celebrated 29 years of marriage.  It has not been easy, but God had done something new for our marriage.  We take time to just sit and talk with each other over a cup a coffee.  We don’t talk about money or the kids (unless it is good news), just pleasant conversation.  

Reflect on your vows…. we’ve made a lifetime commitment to each other before God and witnesses. Spend quality time with each other.  Take a moment to pray together.  Renew your love for each other daily!  

Your thoughts and comments are welcome.

17 thoughts on “Blog Chill Day # 11

  1. Congratulations on 29 years of love and commitment. It’s wonderful to read of a good marriage instead of the usual ‘breakups of celebrities’ that fill our media daily.
    God bless you both 🙂

  2. Excellent reminder. Sometimes the world moves fast. Very fast. The technology of todays seems to want us to move faster. There is nothing like two people in love slowing down, setting special times to be together, talking to each other and telling each other they love them. Sans computer, kindle and Smartphone.

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment Harold. Unfortunately technology has tried to take personal out of relationships. We text each other instead of taking the time to talk to each other in person. 🙂

  3. Loved this post! I like your website very much. I began allowing God to order my steps when I married my husband of 15 years. Since I am bipolar it has been a hard road. But our “coffee moments” are the highilght of my day, even if they do occur at 6AM. Can’t wait for him to retire next year so we can have more of them. Thanks for your inspiration.

    • I am so glad that you like the site. When the Lord orders your steps, you definitely can’t go wrong. That’s absolutely wonderful that you and your husband have made time to spend with each other! Truth be told, marriage is not easy. You have to work every day to hold it together. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  4. Like your site a lot. Asking The Lord to order my steps has been significant in helping me with bipolar illness. So much so that I have a sweet, organized home shared with my husband of 15 years. No small deal for a bipolar!

    • Hi Robin, I will have to figure it out. I know I HAD an About Me, but I am not sure what happened to it? Anyone out there can help me out. I saw the new widget, but it looks a tad complicated…..

      • Hi Candy,
        You don’t need to use an “About Me” Widget. This Widget only puts it on the side of your blog. You can just start a new “Page” that will show up in your pages at the top of your blog. Put it in the “order” where you want it to appear. Usually most people put it as #2.

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