Blog Chill Day # 11

I pray for husbands and wives everywhere.  I just celebrated 29 years of marriage.  It has not been easy, but God had done something new for our marriage.  We take time to just sit and talk with each other over a cup a coffee.  We don’t talk about money or the kids (unless it is good news), just pleasant conversation.  

Reflect on your vows…. we’ve made a lifetime commitment to each other before God and witnesses. Spend quality time with each other.  Take a moment to pray together.  Renew your love for each other daily!  

Your thoughts and comments are welcome.

My not so Green Hulk…

My husband is one of 5 children and he is the baby.  His mother had him at 38, SURPRISE!   By the time that he was born, his mother also had grandchildren to focus on, so as a result, he became a loner. Needless to say, combining a loner with an introvert has been an adventure.

We were matched up by members of our churches because we are both TALL.  He tells everyone that he fell in love with me at first sight and I believe him.  He asked me to marry me after two dates, but I had to hold out for another couple of months before saying yes!  Unfortunately, I still had a lot of baggage from previous relationships, so it took me some time to adjust & accept this gift that God had sent me.  He is a romantic, who would call me in the middle of the day (and still does) just to say he loves me.  He bought me cake and ice cream at 1 am, when he got off work, as not to miss my birthday.

So for the Not so Green Hulk part… my husband is 6’8″, 300+ lbs (he won’t tell me exactly plus how much).  He is still muscle, not fat. He said that he used to lift cars when he was young, just for fun. 🙂 Another Hulk type characteristic he had was always trying to hold in his anger.  Because he is so big and strong, he never wanted to get angry. But unlike the Hulk, he was always in total control of his anger, even if he had to say nothing, which was most of the time.  Now we have a very big guy that doesn’t want to get angry, who is devastated when we lost our first son (he was born 1 lb, 8 oz and lived for a month) — who is madly in love with me — not very happy with God — and just doesn’t know how to communicate his feelings…..

Doesn’t he look BIG?

Welcome to the first 24 months of our relationship /marriage!  Now let’s fast-forward 24 years… In April, 2008, my aunt passed and at her funeral I became reacquainted with my current Pastor. Within a couple of weeks, we all, including my husband were members of God Glorified Church.   Our lives have changed drastically ever since.  My husband often says that God never walked away from him, but he walked away from God.  But God was right there waiting for us when we returned.

Now you can’t miss his smiles, which are genuine and from the heart. He is truly happy and laughs ALL THE TIME … We have found a Love & a Joy that we have never had before….

Grow old with me, the Best is yet to be!