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We must be patient…. even if it takes a lifetime!

Patience (1)I may be going out on a limb here, but we “organized” people must be patient… we can not force anyone to be organized!  The nagging and nagging and nagging will not only make for a very disruptive home and family, but it will make the person(s) more resistant and defensive.  We must be patient!

Now to get that person (my husband) to pick up the trail of wads of paper towels left behind is a whole different story… LOL!!  

But seriously, us “organized” folks must be patient!  We must first search ourselves and adjust our tolerance level.   We may have to accept having all the “A” spices together versus having the Allspice and Aregano in alphabetically order (just kidding!) … but you get my point!  🙂  

ShelfGenie Customized Spice Rack

ShelfGenie Customized Spice Rack

Usually it isn’t even that level of detail that’s the problem.  It’s opening the daughter’s room and it looks like a hurricane hit it, just before the tornado hit the husband’s closet!   We must take small bites out of the elephant.  Ask the husband/wife to put the shoes back where they belong… Honey, have you seen my white shoes?  Children, please pair up the socks before you put them in the drawer, please!  

sock drawer

We must be patient, even if it takes a lifetime!  Order does not happen overnight, but with Order comes Peace.  We want our homes to be Peaceful.  There are those of us who are more organized than others, who just don’t want to be the ones creating the Chaos…   THINK ABOUT IT!

But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.   James 1:4   NJKV

I have spent a lifetime, thus far, learning this lesson and I am still learning.  Comments are Welcome!

8 thoughts on “We must be patient…. even if it takes a lifetime!

  1. I can so clearly remember thinking if I had to pick up ONE MORE TOWEL off the bathroom floor, I was going to scream…lol. Only have 1 kid left at home and I tell you, sometimes I go in the bathroom and get teary eyed cause there are no more towels on the floor. It flies by (with kids…the hubby may never grow up…lol) so fast. Loved this blog and it really reminded me of the towels…Thank you!

  2. We’re learning that disorder isn’t from God. Especially when I’m feeling stressed, worried or frustrated, decluttering is challenging. I can’t decide what to keep or toss and can’t choose a home for stuff. Our goal this summer is to put our home into order. It only takes a few minutes a day to create a decluttered and clean appearance, and then we all feel more peaceful. Hopefully, we’ll learn to get us in a habit of putting things away right away. 🙂

    • Hi there! I haven’t hear from you in a while. I hope that all is well. It’s always good to know that the info that I share is helpful & encouraging. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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