What does 2014 hold for you?

… I pray for more Order in your life in 2014!  The biblical meaning of the number 14 is double completion (2 X 7) or double spiritual perfection.  So what are you doing to prepare for 2014?  Are there goals and objectives that you really want to accomplish?  -OR- Are you simply going to go with the same old flow?  Let me suggest that you get a little more organized, be a little less stressed and have a LOT more Peace in the coming year?

I would venture to guess that most of us would love to slow down, just a little bit.  We say it, but what are we doing about it?  We would love to have just a little more time each day.  But what are we doing about it?  

Google Search

Google Search

Here are a few suggestions …

  1. Jot down a couple of BIG, but specific things that you want to accomplish next year.  Things that will get you closer to your dream, something that you are passionate about, something that you really, really want to scratch off your bucket list.  For example, my daughter wants to write a novel.  She is going to take a break before graduate school, but she must focus on her goal and make a commitment or the year will have passed and …no novel.
  2. Make your goal realistic.  If your goal is unrealistic, thus unattainable, then it is very unlikely that you will achieve it.  Thus frustration sets in and you are back to square one.
  3. No New News!… You have to have a plan, write it down and stick to it.   Break your goal down into bite size pieces.   “In order to finish my novel, I must write a minimum of one hour each day, 30 min. in the morning before I eat breakfast and 30 min. in the evening before I eat dinner”.  “My goal is to write X number of words a day”.
  4. Establish some Order & Peace in your environment.  Organize your space where you are going to work.  Set aside quiet time to work… maybe add a little music.
  5. Take DEEP Breaths.  Take a moment to unwind.  Relax!  Read a scripture.  Just think how much you can accomplish in a short period of time if you put your mind to it.  (Sidebar:  I suffer from high blood pressure (I am not sure why? :-() and I was in the doctor’s office.  He took my pressure and yes, it was high.  But then he said relax and take 3 DEEP breaths…. my pressure dropped 15 points in a matter of minutes.  Amazing!)
  6. REWARD YOURSELF along the way!  Keep track of your progress. Give yourself credit for completing each step.  “Don’t despise the day of small beginnings!”  

Many of us will start this process and it will last all of two (2) weeks, if that long and we will be sucked up into the routine of life as it always was and will be. Let’s make this year different.  I am not sure what IT will take for you to do IT.  But I pray that you find IT!   There is a need for a Spiritual Breakthrough!!!!  Seek IT and be determined to find IT!

For 2014, Expect Double for your Trouble, as you strive for Double Completion!  Yes, we are gonna have to work smarter.  Be consistent and keep our eye on the prize.  Theses few small suggestions can apply to any and everything that we want to accomplish.  Is your Dream Too Big?  I don’t think so and I am not even sure what it is!! So, if I can believe that, then I am sure you can…

Google Search

Google Search

I will be checking on you from time to time to see how you are doing!  

We must be patient…. even if it takes a lifetime!

Patience (1)I may be going out on a limb here, but we “organized” people must be patient… we can not force anyone to be organized!  The nagging and nagging and nagging will not only make for a very disruptive home and family, but it will make the person(s) more resistant and defensive.  We must be patient!

Now to get that person (my husband) to pick up the trail of wads of paper towels left behind is a whole different story… LOL!!  

But seriously, us “organized” folks must be patient!  We must first search ourselves and adjust our tolerance level.   We may have to accept having all the “A” spices together versus having the Allspice and Aregano in alphabetically order (just kidding!) … but you get my point!  🙂  

ShelfGenie Customized Spice Rack

ShelfGenie Customized Spice Rack

Usually it isn’t even that level of detail that’s the problem.  It’s opening the daughter’s room and it looks like a hurricane hit it, just before the tornado hit the husband’s closet!   We must take small bites out of the elephant.  Ask the husband/wife to put the shoes back where they belong… Honey, have you seen my white shoes?  Children, please pair up the socks before you put them in the drawer, please!  

sock drawer

We must be patient, even if it takes a lifetime!  Order does not happen overnight, but with Order comes Peace.  We want our homes to be Peaceful.  There are those of us who are more organized than others, who just don’t want to be the ones creating the Chaos…   THINK ABOUT IT!

But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.   James 1:4   NJKV

I have spent a lifetime, thus far, learning this lesson and I am still learning.  Comments are Welcome!

“Blog Chill Day 35”

First I want to apologize for not posting this week.   A lot of great and interesting things happening.

Today’s inspirational quote is from me, to me….




I am more than capable!


Have Faith in Yourself!


I must have one or the other, NOT Both!

Stay tuned for some advice to the new professional organizers/new small business owners, entitled “Err on the side of Caution”!

What is Peace?

Yesterday was an emotionally draining day for me.  I hadn’t had a day like that in a long time.  It started with a conversation with my husband about my son that I’d wish that we’d never had.   In spite of what’s been going on regarding my son, life has been really good and God just continues to favor me and my family.  Yesterday I just wanted to cry, but really didn’t want to give Satan any satisfaction by letting his harassment get to me.  I had to find something to speak to the hearts of others that may have had an “emotional” day…

The Recovery

I survived what I considered a Major setback when we failed the certification, but in the early ‘90’s, I did become a manager once again.  God had to get me ready and now was my time.  I was no longer “defensive” (for the most part).  I remember being in a staff meeting and I was given, what I considered an “unreasonable” (rather dumb in my opinion) request.  I responded, “So what do the rest of you think about that idea?”  When I saw the expression on their faces and it appeared that they truly understood my point of view, I knew that I had passed my initiation.

If you still haven’t made the connection, please continue to read throughout my journey.  There are things in our work and our home lives that occur that are simply out of our control, which makes it critical to hold on to the moments of Order that we can create.  Life, in this day and time, can be so very stressful.  We must do anything that we can do to minimize the “stupid” stuff that really doesn’t matter anyway.   When we organize our day to maximize our quality time with family and friends, and promote those things that give us peace…..

We then capture the Joy in Life that God intended!