“March Toward Simplicity” Challenge


Order Your Steps, a member of Faithful Organizers, is offering the March Toward Simplicity Challenge through our Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/Order Your Steps.




TORRENCE, CA (February 12, 2016) – Faithful Organizers, an international group of Christian Professional Organizers, is launching their first organizing challenge to the public. March Toward Simplicity will run the entire month of March with the exception of Sundays.  Each day, participants will be challenged to complete a small organizing task to help simplify their lives. Members of the organization are encouraging their clients and affiliates to participate in the challenge as way to motivate them to address their clutter in small chunks and to maintain the systems they have in place.

 “This is a tremendous opportunity for people to be part of something big,” says Jean Furuya, Faithful Organizers executive director.  “Getting organized ranks 4th in New Year’s resolutions.  This challenge will motivate participants to do a quick, daily project to see how simple it is to accomplish even the smallest of tasks. We are addressing several different aspects of organization including time management, productivity and household clutter.   It is our hope that the feeling of success will continue beyond the challenge to where organizing becomes a daily activity.”

Plan 30 minutes for each task and set your timer!!


You can also access the daily challenges through a link on the Faithful Organizers website: http://www.faithfulorganizers.com and om their Facebook page: Facebook.com/Faithful Organizers. 

Wait in Anticipation and Expectation, NOT in Frustration!

Have you ever been frustrated with God?  You know really frustrated, as it is defined:  Feeling annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something.

For me, it is that point when a situation, seems to linger on and on and on… and on… and I ask God, “So what is it that I’m not getting?”  When I truly believe that I’ve covered all my bases…that I’ve tried to DO everything “right”.  God says, “You really don’t get it, do you?”

Although, my Pastor tells us often, our blessings are not dependent on what we do or don’t do.  If we truly have a heart to live for God, He blesses us because He loves us, like a father loves his child.  But many times, we have to be reminded just how much God loves us.  He would have preferred that Jesus would not have had to die, but it was necessary, so that all of us could be saved.  God would also prefer that we not have to go through many of the things that happen in our lives, but our steps have been ordered!  One of my favorite scriptures says, “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.”  Jeremiah 29:11  

Our destiny has been predetermined.  So the next time, we get frustrated with God, just remember, it’s all about His divine timing.  It’s not that He doesn’t want to change our situation, it’s just not time… which means that we must WAIT! 

But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.  Isaiah 40:31

No! WAITING is not our most favorite thing to do (understatement!).  However, when we are certain that our situation is gonna change, but we just don’t know when, that’s called FAITH!… and we should be EXCITED!

Therefore, we should always wait in anticipation & expectation, NOT in frustration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know it’s a lot easier said, than done, but let’s keep practicing.

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I’m being setup … and I’m excited about it!

What does setup mean?  When I looked up the definition I found this:

  1. the process of making something (such as a machine or computer program) ready to be used
  2. the way that something is done or organized
  3. a situation in which someone is deliberately put in a bad position or made to look guilty

We normally think of #3, when we think setup, but I would like for you to consider #1, for the purposes of this post, with a slight change;  the process of making something someone ready to be used by God!

Let me share with you my backstory (anyone watch Phineas & Ferb?  🙂 )  My church began our 21-day Daniel Fast for 2015 on January 4th and although our Pastor didn’t designate a specific purpose, I wanted this Fast to be more than just not eating all the things that I really like to eat.  Instead, I wanted to seek the Lord, to be more sensitive to His voice and to better understand His instructions.

As this year started, I had very high expectations, as always, however I felt very disoriented.  On January 7th, I read my daily devotion from the Spirit of Prophecy by Marsha Burns and this is what it said:

Many of you, My people, have become disoriented because of extraordinary activity around you or in your own lives.  Sometimes it seems like you have become fragmented or separated from your spiritual convictions.  Now is the time to quiet yourself, reconnect with Me, and reactivate your faith, says the Lord.  When you do that, you will be able to access by faith the grace that you need to continue on with confidence that I am with you.

Romans 5:2 through whom [Jesus] also we have access by faith into this grace in which we stand,and rejoice in hope of the glory of God.

With that I settled into a state of anticipation and wonder.  God started to show me small glimpses of the “setup”.   I had a confidence in knowing that He was taking me to the next level… getting me ready to be used even more for His Glory.  I couldn’t help but get excited!

Our Pastor also scheduled a Revival, as our Fast comes to a close.  As this week began, the excitement continued to build.  THEN… on Wednesday morning, while warming up my car … someone stole it!  There are no words to describe how it felt when I opened the door to my garage and exclaimed, MY CAR IS GONE!  I am sure that you are asking yourself, “How on earth does she believe that this is part of GOD’s setup?”

My youngest daughter says it best, Man plans and God laughs!   I have to admit that all my high hopes dwindled just a tad at the sight of the empty garage, but within moments I realized that my purse, computer and workbag was in my hand and NOT in my car.  The situation would have been a LOT more tramatic if they had been.  Many times, we have to look WAY BEYOND what we SEE.  That’s why it is called FAITH!  The Faith in knowing that He is in total control, if we let Him.

Faith 2015

I read another devotional today on my Holy Bible mobile app, this the last day of our Fast, and it asked these questions:  What are you holding on to?  What are your hesitations to living a more Spirit led life of faith?  What illusion of control are you clinging to? Go all in!

I’m going ALL IN!  Yes, I’m being SETUP!  … and I’m soooo excited and this is ONLY January.  I can’t even fathom what the rest of the year will hold for me.

How About You?

Now we gotta have Faith!!

I re-read the story of Mary and it really doesn’t say that she endured a lot of trouble, but we can just surmise.  An angel came to Joseph to explain that his wife had not betrayed him. Thank the Lord!  But, what’s interesting is that Mary accepted her assignment, although she didn’t totally understand it all.  Whether it troubled her or not, she had the Faith that God was going to do what He said that He would do.

We too have our assignment for the coming year.  God has promised us that He is going to meet ALL our needs.  He has told us that we shouldn’t worry about Nothing.  We already know that there is nothing Impossible with God… and ALL things work together for our good.  I speak prophetically that in 2014, we should expect Double for our Trouble! We have a game plan.  We are going to identify our goals (2 or 3 major ones, and pray about them), break ’em down into bite size pieces and reward ourselves for our accomplishments along the way… and most of all, we must ADD Faith!!  It is all for naught, if we don’t believe that we will receive what God has promised!

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My Words, My Faith and Order Your Steps

I hope that you found my last (2) posts enlightening.  Now, I would like to outline a few major points that I hope will tie this all together… thus, My Words, My Faith and Order Your Steps.

  • My (Our) Words are very powerful.   We, ALL of us and  especially those of us that believe it Jesus Christ have to be very careful what we say to people.  Believe it or not, there are folks that are just waiting for us to lose our temper; to cuss, just because or simply to say something to make us look bad, for example, “I HATE my boss, don’t you?” … and I could name a zillion and one other examples!
  • We must take every opportunity to tell someone about Jesus.  Let me stress again, it may not mean quoting scriptures.  Simply speak Life and show them the Light.  We can’t keep telling folks, especially our young people, about all the things that religious tradition says that they CAN’T do.

Now, let me tie My Words into my latest challenge.  I have been struggling with whether sharing my faith is appropriate it ALL aspects of my business activities, thus My Faith and Order Your Steps. Obviously, the name of my business is a dead giveaway.  So when potential clients approach me, they have to suspect that I KNOW the Lord.  In addition, if they speak with me for any length of time, they find out that Order Your Steps’ mission is to help them to “not only organize their stuff, but to find Order in their lives.  So, is it appropriate to have “Be Blessed” in my signature?  How about when I compose business communications to certain ShelfGenie customers?- or- What about all the opportunities I have to simply say, I will pray for you or have a blessed day!  But I have to admit that, at times, I get concerned that someone may get offended. Am I the only one that has those moments??  Does this mean that I am ashamed of my faith? …. or is it simply a trick of the enemy?  

If the truth be told, it can be a little hard at times for me to hold fast to my Faith.  But it is only when I get caught up in my thoughts that I lose my confidence that God has directed my path.  However, ultimately, I know that if I follow where He leads I can’t go wrong.  He has opened soooo many doors!  Whether I am working with a ShelfGenie or an Order Your Steps’ client, it is all about Organizing & Divine Order.  I truly, truly love what I do.  I know that there are people that will cross my path for a specific purpose, so I must say what the Lord would have me to say.

Well, when you get right down to it, I must be true to myself… and there you have it!   My Words, My Faith & Order Your Steps


Question:  Should I have a separate blog for Order Your Steps for just organizing info?  Comments are welcome!