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My Hubby’s Epiphany…

As a professional organizer of over 10 years and a wife of a not-so-organized husband for almost 40 years, needless to say, we have had our challenges with regards to “methods of organization”. Well, I was sitting in my room, one Saturday morning and my hubby comes in and begins to work on his closet. Truth be told, I believe that he was bored and there was nothing to watch on TV. Anyway, he sat down in his closet and he said, “what do you tell your clients when they go through their stuff and they find things that they are never going to wear this again?” I was speechless, I could not respond. Who was this man? Then he said, I might as well throw it away!” Then the ultimate… he said, “I really must learn to stop holding on to stuff.” I was in shock!

2 thoughts on “My Hubby’s Epiphany…

  1. Sounds like my wife and I! We are 47 years together and it is amazing the things I have decided to give away or throw away since retirement. Maybe it is simply the realization that the someday something may be needed again will never come! Blessings my friend.

    • That is definitely the reality, but sometimes it’s hard to accept. šŸ˜€ Thanks for taking the time to comment! Blessing to you my friend and please give your wife my best!

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