Life After Clutter: A Mindset Shift

As a professional organizer, I never wanted to simply organize living spaces, but my desire has always been to inspire and empower people all over the world to Live on Purpose and in Divine Order! 2023 is rapidly approaching and Order Your Steps will be expanding our enterprise and enhancing our service portfolio. 

Our mission will be to enable you to…

  • Realize your true purpose in life
  • Create an atmosphere of peace, harmony, and grace
  • Be what you were created and called to be

 So please stay tuned, as we continue to prepare for this journey. 

We have Embarked on a Major Project…

In actuality, this organizing project started several years ago, when I met Ms. C. for the first time. However, she just wasn’t ready to face this HUGE undertaking, so it was postponed. In the meantime, she decided not to live in the house. But, it was May of this year that Ms. C. gave me a call and the project began. It is the largest project, that I’ve had in my 10 years as a professional organizer.

As I explain to all my clients, we have to break the elephant into bite size pieces and I will hand the pieces to you one bite at a time. So I begin with “presorting”, which gives me the opportunity to sort through the elephant size mounds of stuff and then hand a bite off to the client to purge through and make decisions on what to keep and what has to go.

We have a rather long way to go, but we have made a LOT of progress! The pics below are of the two rooms on the first floor. The “living room” is literally FULL of donations. By the way, did I mention that she’s an ex-teacher? May I say that teachers have a heart like no other for their students, but that also means that they hold on to a LOT of stuff, just in case they might need it!!

Well, next week, we are going to venture upstairs, so we will keep you posted as we go…

Going to the Next Level

Well once again, I’m gonna to venture into new unchartered territory, sorta… Although, over the years as a professional organizer and an evangelist, I’ve always been in ministry mode. I decided to take my coaching skills to a new level. Therefore, I’ve begun my journey towards becoming a certified Christian life coach. I must admit that I was a little apprehensive at first, but the excitement and the anticipation of what the Lord has for me next has won out over the fear of learning something new and wondering what’s ahead.

Stay Tuned…

Coming in 2023,

Order Your Steps presents:

“Life After Clutter: A Mindset Shift”!

What Does an Organized Life look Like?

Based on the comments I received over the past several years as a professional organizer, there are two major components that defines an organized life:

1. Stuff, clutter, items, boxes, etc.

2. Thoughts & emotions.

Life is not meant to be too organized, we don’t want to live in a rut, however, we would like to have a degree of routine & predictability.

“Life is like an ocean, always moving, changing, developing and we need to be like a well-seasoned captain of our vessel.”  CSRoth

We want change but we are kinda used to doing things the same way. It is interested that major changes in our life causes MUCH stress!   A new house, new job, new baby, etc.  All of which causes us to assess our life as it is and consider making major adjustments.

  • We want life to be flexible, spontaneous, but to be prepared for the unexpected drama
  • We want life to be simple and not too stressful
  • We want some control, not utter chaos
  • We want to have fun and enjoy life at its fullest, every day!

All of these things require some degree of organization.  So how do we get there? I believe that that in order to minimize the chaos of life, the one thing that had to change was YOU!   “It is not how the situation looks, it is how we look at the situation”.

We had to take a real serious look at what we wanted and need in life.  Now life is not perfect, nor should we expect it to be, but there should be some semblance of peace and order.


  • Take a few moments to invest in our future.  Jot down some notes on our life as we know it today…. we might be amazed at how our life looks on paper!
  • Take a look at those things that we would like to see changed, Big and small.
  • Does clutter of any kind, have an impact on those changes?  For example, we need a bigger house.  Again, we might be amazed how much more room we might have when we de-clutter.  I need a new job, because I can’t ever seem to get anything done around here.  Etc. etc. etc.

It is very difficult to change something, without understanding our current state and our desired outcome.

So, I guess that there is no one answer, an organized life looks different to different people…