Organizing Project Complete!

This project was to organize an entire home, from garage & family room to the upstairs bedrooms.  I met my client at a vending event that I attended to share info about ShelfGenie and Order Your Steps.  She arrived just when the event was beginning to shut down.  She passed by our booth and she said that she really needed to get her home organized.  However, she simply took the info and said that she would call me.  Arline, ShelfGenie franchise owner, said “Did you get her phone number?”  Please understand that God always Orders Your Steps…. I kinda chased her down and got her phone number.  AMAZING!!   A few weeks later, I did her FREE in-home assessment and the rest is history!   😀

She’s been truly AWESOME!  She’s been very patient with me and has worked diligently throughout the entire organizing process. However, at times, it was simply overwhelming for her, but she stuck with it.  Although, there were times that she just couldn’t get her homework done, she was always ready to work when I showed up.

Once motivated, she began doing other improvements to her home, i.e. painting, deck refinishing and replacing patio doors… I mean BIG stuff.  She is living proof that once you start to establish more organization in your home, it promotes an Order to your life were also times that we had an opportunity to discuss her work life…It is all about Order!!

HOORAY!  We have finished the bulk of our project, and now we will need to do some fine tuning to a few areas of her home. We will establish a maintenance program that will enable her to continue what we have started.  Our official project wrap-up was last Friday. It felt like we were closing a major chapter of her life, which I guess we have!  I appreciate how the Lord has allowed me to minister to her during this last few months.  Moving forward, I will check in with her by phone or preferrably a pop-up visit every other week or so.  In addition, we will have a two-hour organizing session once a month and then we’ll just see what happening from here!   😀

Here are a few rooms that we did… Take a Look!!

Phase 1 – Step 1

Phase 1 of Organizing is normally the most difficult.  Now the steps may sound a little complicated, but I am trying to emphasis the importance of taking the project seriously, so that you will finish it.  Once you have completed your first project, you truly look forward to doing the next one and the next one, and the real FUN begins!

Rule # 1 – Please don’t buy anything until Phase 1 is complete.  One of the biggest mistake that people make is that they think that if they buy a whole lot of plastic bins and “organizing” products they will get organized.  It really doesn’t happen that way and you have spent money unnecessarily.

After you identify the area, you need to determine the following:

  • who currently uses the area
  • who may use the area in the future
  • how the area is used now and how to you want to use it

  The other thing you want to understand is, is there another area of the house that is used for the same purpose or holds the same items.

Ask the rest of the users, how best to utilize the space.  Yes, I know you just want to do it and get it over with, but unfortunately, you will not be able to maintain the organization of the space without their input.

Consolidate the items, if necessary, from the other areas of the house that are used in the same manner.

Depending on the answers to these questions, Step 2 begins….

Don’t forget to “Name Phase 1”!