Announcing “Tackling Our Closet” New on YouTube in 2018!

Are you so overwhelmed by all the stuff in your closet that you become stressed & frustrated EVERY time you have to find something to wear?  Then this class is designed just for you.  Stay Tuned for More Info on Launch Date!

Here’s a Sneak Peak…

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The Challenge: The Husband’s Closet!

Have you struggled to organize your husband’s closet? Then Watch & Be AMAZED!!

OK! … Allow me to explain :-/ !  As I stated, I’ve been married for a long time and during the early years of our marriage, I was very diligent in organizing my husband’s closet.  I would hang up all his clothes and make sure that all the shirts & jackets were facing in the same direction.  I would separate the dress pants from the jeans and make sure that all his shoes were lined up properly.

THEN…..  Within a week, the closet would be in complete disarray and out of order!!!  But guess what!?!?, the organizer in me, YES! would organize it again!  I thought that my husband didn’t truly understand how important an organized closet was and after he tried it for a little while, he would realize how much easier his life would be?!?!?!

WELL …. after years of frustration, trying to make it work, I admitted defeat!

SO… This video was meant to help many of you, who are still trying to make it work and organize the husband’s closet.  Take the advice of an expert, you do have some choices:

  • Continue to nag and insist that one day, he will realize that he should really organize his closet; get rid of all the old clothes that he will never fit in again and toss those items that are tattered and torn… Trust me, I know!
  • Continue to organize it yourself and be frustrated to no end, because “he just doesn’t get it!”
  • OR…. resign yourself to the idea that he doesn’t really want his closet organized, save yourself all the frustration and close the door!!

I hope that this video/post has helped someone out there.  At times, you just have to pick your battles and this may be one that’s not worth fighting!!!!!!

If you still need to talk about it, just give me a call! ūüėÄ

Let’s Tackle the Closet!

If you have been paying attention, you know that to be “organized” means to be able to find what you need when you need it! ¬†So let’s talk about tackling the closet. ¬†It can be any closet, but I’d like to focus on the clothes closet. ¬†It is the clothes closet that you have to face EVERY morning….


“Let’s Organize Your Closet”

Step 1 РWe must know EVERY item that is in our closet.  Most of us believe that we know every item in our closet.  Do you?  I would venture to guess that you may not know every item in your closet. Some of us may have things in our clothes closet that we forgot were even there.  Is that you?

Step 2 – We must know EVERY item in our closet… which means we MUST touch every item in our closet. ¬†Would someone please move the needle on the record? ¬†LOL!! ¬†But seriously, things get sucked into the black hole of our clothes closets because they get pushed further and further back where we can’t see them, thus we forget that they are there.

Step 3 – Make a decision on EVERY item in our closet… Keep, Donate, Throw Away and make the decision QUICKLY. ¬†If you think about it too long, it is very likely that you will decide to keep it. ¬†To the woman that has the size ___ (fill in the blank) that you are going to fit in again– it’s been¬†5 years¬†—¬†it is time to let it go. ¬†To the man who has that favorite sweater that is two (2) sizes too small, it is time to give it away!

Step 4 – Once we have completely PURGED the entire closet, it is time for us to organize.

Step 5 – So what’s left? ¬†There are tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets, sweaters, pants, shirts, suits, shoes, boots, etc. ¬†Let me suggest that we put “like” items together. ¬†Once we have grouped “like” items, it is up to you to what degree of organization that you want to go — the same color, the same sleeve length, light jackets, heavy jackets, BUT¬†to whatever degree you go, you have to be able to MAINTAIN IT!


Don’t Over Organize -OR- within a week,

your organized system is NO longer organized.


Allow Order Your Steps to help you to put some Order to your Chaos!  

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Thanks in advance!

If I have only skimmed the surface and you would like to have more details on tackling the closet, please leave me a comment or two

What to do with the “Secret” Closet?

Or Not??…. Your secret closet may not be so secret! ¬†ūüôā

This month, we are going to “Declare Our Independence” from Clutter!!

So, Where to we start??

Sort & Purge


Please Stay Tuned for the next episode of “My Son has Reappeared”… ¬†

I believe that I have had ANOTHER Revelation?????

Are you REALLY organized?

Do you have a secret closet? ¬†I can not stress enough that being organized, does NOT mean that your house is so neat, that you can’t live in it. ¬†Have you ever been in someone’s house that was soooooo clean that you didn’t want to sit down??? ¬†You were even afraid to breathe, cause your breath might leave air particles on the furniture….

Your organized space must be live-able and if it is tooooo organized, yes, I really mean too organized, it will be very difficult to maintain!

That piece of paper is in the yellow folder, with the pink dot, in the green drawer of the purple file cabinet

and it is the third sheet of paper, with the red tab…. ¬†ARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!

The primary goal of being organized is to have some order to your stuff so that you can find what you need, when you need it. ¬†If you have a secret closet, than you are probably NOT organized, you are just REAL¬†neat….