Blog Chill Day # 15

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I have a small prayer circle and we pray every Tuesday night.  We try to bring forth those things that the Holy Spirit has laid on our heart.  So one of our major topics recently has been “Don’t be discouraged!”, Don’t be distracted!”  It is amazing how the smallest or even big things will catch us off guard and throw us totally off track.  So we have to remember that God is always preparing us for the work that He has for us to do.

I had a small situation that seemed really BIG at the time and I got caught up in my emotions.  I really hates when that happens!!!  It was finance related and although I had caused the error (online bill payment, gone wrong!), I tried diligently to undo it, to no avail. So, my mind immediately went into overdrive when what I feared would happen, DID! I felt that I had to move fast and with each phone call I made, I was on the verge of tears.  The situation took me totally by surprise.  By the third phone call, which was to the bank, the lady was so nice and considerate, that I couldn’t help but smile.  The Lord had already told me earlier that morning to simply listen to His voice…. and He spoke to me ever so softly during that conversation.

God has to constantly remind me that I am going to make mistakes!(click link)… and I am just gonna have to get over it.  Remember, we will always be a work is process.  God is simply NOT through with us yet!  Please take a listen to the song….




My Life is Amazing and In Order, but NOT perfect!

ALERT!  This is going to be a post of RAMBLINGS!!!!  I often struggle to decide on what to share with my followers, which totals over 800, including my FB friendsTHANKS TO ALL OF YOU for taking the time to stop by from time to time!   I have also discovered that I get a better response to my life posts than my organizing posts.  There are only so many Before & After pictures that I can share, but there will be more of them too, as time goes by… Yes, the RAMBLING has already begun! 😀

Have you ever had to stop and remind yourself just how amazing your life is???? We had a HIGH time in the Lord in church today and there were testimonies of great miracles that came forth!!!  I became overwhelmed again with just how amazing God is and how amazing my life is, because of His Favor towards me and my family.  He is opening so many doors for us and closing those doors that must be closed.  Where do I begin? 

** My husband is bringing in overtime pay, just when we needed it most, as God would have it!  Now don’t get it wrong, my husband has had to work 12 hour shifts from 6 am to 6 pm and of course, there have been persons that have gone out of their way to get on his last nerve, even more so than usual, during these long hours!

** My oldest daughter’s graphic arts company, INKED DESIGNS, is growing.  She is doing freelance work now for advertising agencies.  She is only 25 and owns her own business.  How Great is That!!  

*** My youngest daughter, yes I must say it again… has graduated college and she is just about to finish her first novel, that will be published.  There has been other books written, since she was a teenager.  Those will  be edited and published later.  God’s Favor!

** Then, I remain cautiously optimistic about my son, who turns 36 this year.  In recent months, we had a heart to heart talk, one like we have never, never, ever had before.  I know that the Lord is working.  He texts me with “Hi, beautiful! – or – Hi,I love you! – out of nowhere????  Please keep praying with me for his complete deliverance.

And if that isn’t enough, Order Your Steps is growing!  Clients are coming from all different directions… Their steps ordered by the Lord!  It’s amazing to me to see the lives that He has allowed me to touch, so far.  There are really no words to describe!

BUT…. my life is not perfect and to be totally honest… it is not meant to be.  🙂 There is so much that the Lord needs for us to do and there are various ways in which He is preparing us for this journey called Life... maybe it’s time for you to remind yourself of just how AMAZING your Life is… even if it isn’t perfect!!!! 

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Now we gotta have Faith!!

I re-read the story of Mary and it really doesn’t say that she endured a lot of trouble, but we can just surmise.  An angel came to Joseph to explain that his wife had not betrayed him. Thank the Lord!  But, what’s interesting is that Mary accepted her assignment, although she didn’t totally understand it all.  Whether it troubled her or not, she had the Faith that God was going to do what He said that He would do.

We too have our assignment for the coming year.  God has promised us that He is going to meet ALL our needs.  He has told us that we shouldn’t worry about Nothing.  We already know that there is nothing Impossible with God… and ALL things work together for our good.  I speak prophetically that in 2014, we should expect Double for our Trouble! We have a game plan.  We are going to identify our goals (2 or 3 major ones, and pray about them), break ’em down into bite size pieces and reward ourselves for our accomplishments along the way… and most of all, we must ADD Faith!!  It is all for naught, if we don’t believe that we will receive what God has promised!

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A Totally Random Rant on Religion (NOT a Bashing!)

I will try not to make this post too long.  But I have so much in my head right now that I may have to make this a two-part post.

There are a few things that I need to mention before I get into the meat of my message… First, I will reemphasize that this is NOT A BASHING of Religion!  Actually, I am going to speak very little about religion specifically.  Second, I want to remind you that this is a RANT! So I am going to ramble at times, thus I may say things that may not make any sense to you, so you may need to read it more than once. 😀

When I gave my initial message, as an aspiring missionary, my pastor told us that the Word that the Lord gives us comes to us first.  So there has been this Word in my spirit about what we say out of our mouth.  The Power of Life and Death is in our tongue!   It never ceases to amaze me how the Lord will confirm His Word to us in ways that we least expect.  The Spirit of the Lord will keep talking until we listen.

Don’t rush me yet, I told you that I was going to ramble…

Are we telling people about Jesus???  I heard someone say that we all must preach the gospel and when necessary speak words.  Think about it…  Are we talking about the Grace of God that has been afforded us?  But the cost was great!  We, in general, spend TOO much time telling ourselves and others, what we have done wrong, what we shouldn’t do or even what we can’t do??? We must be really careful about what comes out of our mouth.  We must speak LIFE, first to ourselves.

Make a Declaration! ….

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We must allow the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself to speak to us and through us. Remember, God SPOKE the world into existence.  If we show everyone the Love of Christ, He will take care of the rest.

I understand that this message doesn’t apply to All of Us.  But it has served to remind me that I have to be very careful of what I let out of my mouth, even words I speak about myself.  I really don’t want to hinder the blessings that God has for me, simply because of what I just happen to speak into the atmosphere.

How about you?

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I think that there’s more to come (part 2)…  My pastor spoke today about speaking our thoughts.  He said that we are going to have negative thoughts, but what happens when we speak them out loud?

Order Your Steps – First Year(s) in Review

As promised, I wanted to share my own Order Your Steps (OYS), First year(s) in Review!  It has a very AWESOME, yet interesting 2 years. I officially started the business in Sept. 2011 and was able to work at it full time, starting in January, 2012.

Here are a few highlights:

  •  Initially, I worked as an organizer’s assistant and received my first $100 in February, 2012.  No one told me that this job was going to be very labor intensive !  😦


  • On Feb. 27th, I posted my organizing post  with the most “LIKES” and comments.


  • By March, I had three (3) new customers of my own!  My first testimonial…

I called Candy hoping to find someone who could do more than organize a room or closet.  I had a storage unit that I was paying $198.00 a month which was an accumulation of my beloved 19 year old daughter personal affects, along with my parents and my in-laws possessions that I could not keep.  It was an overwhelming emotional task and after 12 years I realized I needed help… To read more Click Here

  • Later in March, I met Arline, Franchise Owner for ShelfGenie of Maryland.  I signed up and became a designer…  The Lord opened doors that may not have been opened otherwise.  Lord, Selling was not in the plan????  But what a great product to add to my OYS portfolio!  
ShelfGenie Customized Spice Rack

ShelfGenie Customized Spice Rack

  • In June, I posted a personal blog post entitled “My Son Reappeared, BUT…” that had the most “LIKES” and comments.

IMG00093[1] (2)

  • The Lord always provided me with a steady flow of OYS customers. I was so sure that I could work with anyone, but there was only one of them that really showed me that “it’s Business, not Personal! …Refund???”


  • In August, my Xerox checks stopped and RETIREMENT took on a whole new dimension!!!  Thank God, I had my 401K to draw from… but I still don’t have to get out of bed before 9 am, unless I want too.  I am also on track to be able to stop taking my high blood pressure medicine.  There is little or no stress now!!! 


  • I conducted my first “Order Out of Chaos” Workshop for Seniors in October at the Vistas in Largo.


2013 has been slow & steady, and Wow! Year TWO is almost over. The Lord has always provided.   For the past few months, I feel that there is about to be an OVERFLOW!  I hear the sound of an abundance of rain, the windows of heaven are already open.  I have sown the seed and harvest is coming!


  • I am on Angie’s List (haven’t signed up for advertising yet!)
  • My profile is on
  • I am supporting ShelfGenie in Maryland, my primary territory, Baltimore and soon, I will be taking appointments in DC.
  • I’ve signed up for Living Social and my campaign should be launched in the next month or so.

I am sooo excited about what my third year will hold.  It may not look like much to you, but I am in awe of what God has done.  This is about SO much more than money, it about ministry!

Stay Tuned… There is A WHOLE LOT more to come!