My Role has Many Facets…

Although it may be hard to believe… my mission is not to simply persuade you get rid of cherished possessions. With tender care, I help facilitate you through the organizing process. I must be patience, but at times, firm to guide you through making very difficult decisions. I understand the emotional attachment we have to our things that are now a lifetime of memories….


A Rude Awakening…

As we get older, we have discovered that our children (to put it bluntly) really don’t want our cherished possessions. I have two daughters and I was saving my wedding dress, but guess what? … So even if you are not considering moving, you may want us to help you with those somewhat cluttered areas of your family home, i.e. basement, attic, storage unit, etc.


“Order Out of Chaos” Workshop

Sorry for the lateness of my post, but I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that tomorrow I will be conducting my first “Order Out of Chaos” Workshop for Seniors.  I will be posting a recap with pictures on Wednesday.  I am expecting a phenomenon turnout…  Pray for me!!